“At Brickworks we take pride in what we’re achieving every day. Look around and you’ll see how we’re contributing to a beautiful and enduring future for our built environment.

Our shared values make a difference to the way we work and to all the materials and buildings we help create. By working together, with these in mind, we’re continually earning our place as the best building products company in Australia.”

Message from Lindsay Partridge, AM
Managing Director

We are


Our values guide our culture. They are the essence of what we stand for. They remain a constant in everything we say and do. They are what we look for in our people. These foundations will continue to be built upon as our company innovates and grows.


Sustainably Safe

Caring for our people and environment is essential. With a real sense of safety and accountability, we can thrive and succeed. Without it, we risk our own well-being and the future of our land and communities.

Acts of care and responsibility are the foundation for all our other values. From safe production processes to sustainable products, we invest in the security and stability it takes to lead our industry in innovation and excellence.

Succeed Together

Succeed Together

Great achievements can come from co-operation and unity.Our ability to deliver the best possible building products relies on having strong partnerships with colleagues customers and the industry.

Listening to each other and our customers brings important insights into every aspect of our operations, products and market. A truly collaborative approach to ideas and solutions makes us agile, resourceful and easy to do business with.

Passionately Play To Win

Passionately Play To Win

We take pride in every goal we achieve. It’s not just our success that we celebrate, but the determination and discipline it takes to overcome obstacles, solve problems and keep going until a job is done, and done well.

You’ll never find us on the back foot. Our energy and passion for producing beautiful products to the highest standards keeps us one step ahead of the competition.


Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday

Innovation is all about embracing change. We actively look for ways to reflect, refine and improve on what we produce. More than taking on market challenges we find new opportunities within our business environment.

With vision and innovation, we can maintain our leading position in the market. By investing in technology and discovery, we can deliver better products and anticipate the needs of our industry as it evolves.


I do what I say

Our reputation is built on what we deliver. We can reassure with words, but following through on a commitment or promise is the real mark of our respect for colleagues and customers.

Sometimes there are tough decisions to make if we want to succeed or change the status quo. We acknowledge the courage and honesty it takes to rise to a challenge and get results.


Inspired People

Our business and success is built on people. We value and celebrate their triumphs large and small, from long service and professional development milestones to sales figures and awards.

We believe in a work culture that develops potential into talent and achievement. With the right leadership and support, everyone can use their own unique skills to make beautiful products that last forever.

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