FOLIO Issue #5
FOLIO is our very own magazine devoted to exploring how architectural ideas are turned into reality. From worldclass projects to experimental ideas in architecture and design, FOLIO brings local and global architectural works together in one comprehensive publication.
Materiality 2021
Explore the use of brick and concrete block in contemporary architecture, as well as issues of urban density and design. In this latest volume, you will find a collection of peer-reviewed projects from some of the most highly respected architects in Australia and the USA, as well as commentary in the form of illustrated essays by architects and academics. This work is intended to provoke discussion and interest among those in the industry, the general reader, and students of architecture and design.

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The Material City
The Material City explores the work of 50 of Australia’s leading architects whose work reflects the ongoing urban densification of our cityscapes, with an emphasis on medium to high-rise buildings. Featuring a large cross-section of buildings, the case studies span a range of scales and project types and use a multitude of materials.
In a collection of case studies, essays and technical articles representing the work of 60 of Australia’s leading and emerging architects, Materiality explores the creative endeavour of both the individual and the collective. A state-by-state snapshot of Australian design, Materiality demonstrates the influence of source materials on design, exploring dynamic residential and commercial projects that use brick and block.
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