Brickworks is committed to an additional 15% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, from baseline FY22, across combined Australian and North American operations.
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0 %
reduction in carbon emissions since 2006 in Australia
0 +
tonnes lower annual carbon emissions compared to 2006 in Australia
square meters of land progressively rehabilitated in FY23 in Australia and North America
$ 0 m+
invested since 2006 in equipment upgrades, operational improvements, and carbon reduction strategies in Australia
0 %
use of biofuels in energy mix in FY23 in Australia
0 +
tonnes of carbon avoided since 2013, at our Longford Operation, through the use of renewable fuels in Australia
We’re moving forward

The destination is clear – a greener, cleaner and more
sustainable future. It’s a journey that’s not going to
happen overnight but it’s one that we’re already moving
towards, in a number of positive ways.

Brickworks is committed to an additional 15% reduction
in Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 2030,
from baseline FY22, across combined Australian and
North American operations.

We have already made significant progress reducing our
emissions by 46% since 2006 in Australia.

We’re putting our efforts behind three key sustainability pillars:
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Towards 2030 Our Sustainability Commitment
Sustainability Fast Facts- We’re reducing our carbon emissions
Sustainability Fast Facts - We're offering products that support the built environment
Sustainability Fast Facts- We’re making high performance and healthy products
Sustainability Fast Facts- We’ve committed to a Towards 2030 carbon target

Sustainable Manufacturing

Moving forward with sustainability at work

Some of the most important steps towards a more sustainable future start right here, with how we operate our own business. Building on our achievement of creating Australia’s first (and only) certified carbon neutral brick operation, we’re continuing to find new ways to evolve and adapt our manufacturing practices.

221000 +
tonnes of annual carbon emissions
reduced since 2006 in Australia
46 %
reduction in carbon emissions since 2006 in Australia
Fast Facts
Our emissions reduction strategy

Sustainable Products

We’re moving forward with products that support sustainable design

We’re embracing the sustainable side of the products we create in more ways than ever. Investing and innovating to reduce the carbon emissions involved with producing them.

100 yrs
colourfast and durability
warranty on our bricks in Australia
Fast Fact

Sustainable Built Environment

We’re offering products that are high performing and highly sustainable to support the built environment

A building’s energy efficiency extends far beyond the processes that first bring it to life. It’s in how it performs in the long-term too. The bricks, masonry, stone, roofing and building systems we offer provide that high-performing and highly sustainable foundation.

A building is long term
Any net zero carbon strategy requires focus on both:
A) Embodied carbon
throughout the entire lifespan, knowing embodied
carbon does not stop once a material is manufactured
B) Operational carbon
which contributes to a significant proportion of a
building’s carbon footprint
Fast Fact
Towards 2025 Sustainability Strategy
Responsible Business<p style='font-size:16px;'>Leading building design safe, resilient, sustainable</p>
Responsible Business

Leading building design safe, resilient, sustainable

  • Provide leading research on passive solar thermal design, enabling reduced lifetime energy use
  • Support design tools, guidance and information to incorporate life cycle thinking into building design
  • Increase the volume of verified sustainable products to 25%.
  • Year on year increase in R&D invest­ment into the next generation of clay brick and concrete block wall systems.
  • Reduce supply chain risk
  • Business Ethics and Whistleblower programs
Our People & Community<p style='font-size:16px;'>Strong culture and care for our community</p>
Our People & Community

Strong culture and care for our community

  • Continued reductions in injury rates
  • 100 Community activities each year
  • Supporting charities like the Children's Cancer Institute
  • Stretch target: 35% female senior executives
  • Develop and implement a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy
Environment<p style='font-size:16px;'>Sustainable manufacturing</p>

Sustainable manufacturing

  • 15% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, from a 2022 baseline, across our combined Australian and North American operations
  • Continued investment into developing feasible renewable biomethane opportunities and investment in the transition to the hydrogen fuel economy
  • Reduced potable water use in water stressed areas
  • Drive progressive rehabilitation
  • Over $2 million investment in air quality emission abatement
  • Stretch target 10% increase in gas efficiency at Austral Bricks plants by 2030 (Baseline FY18)
Overland Brick Range
Our Journey
This Sustainability Report is Brickworks Limited’s (Brickworks) third stand-alone Sustainability Report and is intended to complement the Annual Report, providing expanded disclosure on non-financial performance, impacts and opportunities. It is informed by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, a leading independent environmental, social and governance reporting standard.

We are incrementally adopting the TCFD Recommendations, such as undertaking climate scenario analysis, identifying risks and responses. Through this process, long term carbon management strategies are being explored.

Sustainable Products
Designed with care
We are what we create — what we build. So we strive to refine, improve and design better ways of manufacturing brick and all our building products for sustainable building. Products that stand the test of time and daily living.
Guides, Brochures and Reports
Looking for more information on Brickworks and Sustainability? Find out everything you need to know in our comprehensive library of guides, reports and brochures.
Sustainable Projects
Sustainable, resilient and efficient design
The built environment has substantial environmental and social impacts. Sustainable building design offers greater energy and resource efficiency over the operational lifetime of a building.
Brickworks Carbon Offsetting program
Go Carbon Neutral

Understanding the impact we have on our planet is a responsibility we all share. Reducing emissions and mitigating operational effects is now imperative for any business. The good news is, we’re on the same journey as you.

Policies and Data
Every impact counts
Brickworks is committed to sustainability reporting, providing expanded disclosure on our non-financial performance impacts and opportunities. Our reporting is informed by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, a leading independent Environmental, Social and Governance reporting standard.
Verifying our Sustainable Products
Third Party Verifications
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