Bringelly Quarry

The Bringelly Quarry and Cumberland Plain
Woodland Restoration Project

Austral Bricks’ proposed State Significant Bringelly Quarry and Cumberland Plain Woodland Restoration Project (the Project) is located 203 Greendale Road, Bringelly NSW, approximately 10km north of Camden and 19km west of Liverpool (see Figure A).

The Project would comprise two key component areas, as follows.

Quarry Area

At this stage of planning, it is expected that the Quarry Area would be developed as two open cut extraction areas. This method would minimise impacts on biodiversity and water. All material would be extracted by ripping and pushing (i.e. no blasting) with material stockpiled and loaded into road-registered trucks for transportation via Greendale Road and The Northern Road to end points of use. There would be no processing on the site.

Brickworks proposes to extract up to 850,000 tonnes per annum (tpa) of raw material at an average rate of 750,000tpa. This would equate to approximately 23 million tonnes of raw material extracted over a 30-year quarry life. This material would be used to produce up to 6.5 billion bricks or the equivalent of approximately 812,500 standard residential homes. The extraction areas would be backfilled progressively (not left to the end of the quarry life), and, after completion of extraction, provide for future beneficial development of the Quarry Area.

Restoration Area

It is anticipated that the Restoration Area would include approximately 74ha of Cumberland Plain Woodland, much of which is currently severely degraded. It is proposed that the degraded areas would be restored, and the entire Restoration Area maintained and protected in perpetuity under a Biodiversity Stewardship Agreement in order to achieve a positive biodiversity outcome. Further information about the Project is provided in the following links.

Project Documentation

Scoping Report
• Environmental Impact Statement (under preparation)

News and Information

Introduction to the Social Impact Assessment
Community Newsletter – February 2024

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