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130 Civic Parade

130 Civic Parade contrasts form, texture and materiality to present a striking industrial-style modern family home.

Contrasting textures and structures combine seamlessly in the eye-catching façade of 130 Civic Parade, encouraging passers-by to stop for a closer look. 

Only moments from Melbourne’s Altona beach, the experimental home presents a distinctive outward presence, merging sleek, industrial aesthetics with dashes of mixed geometry. 

A sheer façade of dappled grey bricks trails along the face of this three-story residence to an asymmetrical gabled roof, and sharp accents of black metal cladding protrude partially from the façade. Varied depths are present in the exterior, with the brick wall extending out over the base of the home below. 

Contrasting with the precipitous brickwork wall and the project's sharp angularity, moulded curves soften and warm the home’s exterior. A rounded edge defines the home’s front balcony and leads around the side of the house, while an impressive double-storey arching window mirrors the balcony’s curve. 

The materiality emulates the contrast seen in the architectural contours. Neutral Austral Bricks San Selmo in Cloudy Silver are mottled and textural and are paired with the sleek black accents, visually popping against the calming grey and referencing industrial aesthetics. 

This array of design choices coalesces as a unique frontage in a suburban street that stands in a class of its own. 

The exterior brickwork comprises Austral Bricks San Selmo bricks in Cloudy Silver, kiln-fired in Italy using natural minerals. This style purposefully embodies the rustic elements of the masonry, embracing varying tactility and a combination of lighter and darker shades. Due to their durability, locked in via the kiln process and their colour being unaffected by weather, they’re low-maintenance and boast façade longevity. 

Inside the home, clean white walls and blonde timber floors welcome visitors in with a soft and homely palette. Grey accents echo the external silver brickwork, including the grey-veined marble kitchen benches and grey-tiled bathroom floors. Light spills into the two-bedroom home through ceiling-height windows and a timber staircase which becomes a natural light well. 

Award-winning Melbourne company Mancini Made is known for its tailored, high-end construction and custom designs. Founded by brothers Anthony and Paul Mancini, Mancini Made prides itself on its flawless integration of architecture and construction. The company continuously specifies Brickworks for its ever-growing portfolio of exclusive and luxury residences, from 3 Railway Avenue’s Bowral 76 in Chillingham White to Austral Bricks La Paloma used in their Sussex project. 

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130 Civic Parade
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