Number 40 Stirling

Battling bushfire risk with immense design integrity created a unique architectural dialogue within leafy surrounds.
Number 40
The Black Rabbit
Templeton Built
James Taylor
Austral Bricks San Selmo Smoked Opaque Slate

Amidst the tranquil treetops of the Adelaide Hills, Number 40 by Black Rabbit Architecture and Interiors is a family home designed entirely in place. Embracing the beauty and challenges posed by its lush natural environment, the home needed to be both practical and visually serene, with the flexibility for a family to expand and contract over time, without feeling empty.

“The combination of brick, fibro cement and MgO board cladding significantly contributes to the durability and longevity of the home,” explains architect Maegan Scott. “These materials offer great resistance to the various Adelaide Hills environmental and climatic factors, require minimal maintenance, and provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties, ensuring a comfortable and sustainable living environment for many years.”

Building around an extreme BAL rating required significant design integrity to create a lasting and sustainable home. With deep respect for the site’s natural conditions, Mag Oxide SIPS and solar arrays were installed across the project to maximise energy efficiency, reducing both household and environmental costs. Additionally, the material palette was curated strategically, ensuring all materials could withstand harsh climatic conditions without compromising on style.

Opting for contemporary cues, the modest materiality of timber, concrete, brick and metal, contextualises the home’s form in place. By establishing a distinct connection between interior and exterior environments, Number 40 Stirling ensures not to overwhelm the surrounding context – allowing the serene treescape and the essence of the Adelaide Hills to shine throughout the residence.

BR_number 40 stirling_external03
BR_number 40 stirling_internal04
BR_number 40 stirling_internal05

“We wanted a brick that spoke to the location and the San Selmo Smoked Opaque Slate resonates wonderfully both texturally and tonally,” Maegan adds. “The soft folds and creased ‘skin’ spoke volumes to the site tree bark growth patterns and the colourway was both complementary and sympathetic to the wooded location.”

Austral Bricks San Selmo Opaque Slate provides a gentle foundation to the modern home, with its nuanced façade reflecting hues found throughout the natural environment. Incorporating the smokey material around the hearth creates a visual reference to Adelaide Hills, further grounding the design and the lifestyle within its context.

Number 40 Stirling is a testament to modernity in harmony with nature, offering an open, relaxed space for its owners to unwind and retreat at peace.

“We wanted a brick that spoke to the location and the San Selmo Smoked Opaque Slate resonates wonderfully both texturally and tonally,”


“We wanted a brick that spoke to the location and the San Selmo Smoked Opaque Slate resonates wonderfully both texturally and tonally,”

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San Selmo Smoked Opaque Slate

Italy – inspired, rustic and charming. The unique San Selmo range of Smoked, Reclaimed, Textured and Raw Corso embodies the beauty of brick. With hues that transition from light to dark, tactile finishes, and sizes from conventional to distinctive, the San Selmo range suits all contemporary projects and environments.

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