St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School Sports Precinct

St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School has put wellness at the forefront of its agenda by introducing its enviable Sports Precinct.

The recently completed sports precinct at St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School is part of a comprehensive master refurbishment of the school.  The purpose of the centre is to redefine how sport and learning coalesce in modern learning environments. Blight Rayner has taken lead in the project, hoping to inspire engagement in the wellness of staff and students.

The precinct comprises a 25-metre heated water polo pool with two 50-metre lap lanes, a strength and conditioning gym, a physical education centre, a basketball and gymnastics hall, two tennis courts and a 76mIndoor climbing wall. The swimming pool and surrounding terraces are covered by a retractable shade sail, allowing for pool usage throughout the seasons.

Blight Rayner selected brick as a primary material for the build, choosing the distinguishable Austral Bricks’ La Paloma bricks in Miro. The La Paloma bricks add a sense of decadence to the project, whilst keeping with Queensland’s coastal aesthetic through the calming white hues. The porous texture of the bricks contrast the industrial feel of the precinct, adding depth and warmth. Bricks are incredibly durable and easy to maintain, making them the ideal choice for a busy school. 

Bricks are used to envelop the pool area and create curves that frame concrete platforms and entryways in the pool’s foyer, and are also featured as accents throughout the project. In the bathrooms, brick is used to outline the mirrors and skylights, continuing the story of the build throughout.

Translucent polycarbonate has been cladded around the precinct to allow light penetration, and the base can be opened out to adjoining multi-sport courts. The centre is incredibly open and airy, allowing for an abundance of natural light and fresh air to filter into the building. 


The new precinct not only expands St Margaret’s learning facilities, but also improves the school’s streetscape significantly. The minimalist design touches have softened the bulk, size and height of the existing build, and instead created a space that feels warm and inviting.  

Blight Rayner's forward-thinking, multipurpose design for St Margaret’s Sports Precinct paves the way for a new era of schools that prioritise education, fitness and wellness.  

“St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School redefines how sport and learning coalesce in modern learning environments.”


“St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School redefines how sport and learning coalesce in modern learning environments.”

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