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Goulburn Street Housing

Cumulus Studio has an eye for seeing the extraordinary in the everyday. Transforming a council car park into a multidimensional housing facility for the disadvantaged and disabled is no easy feat, yet one the design firm completed seamlessly.

The facade and form were designed to sit at a similar stature to the existing buildings, and to not be overly stylised. Cumulus said of this decision, “context was an important consideration in our design approach, and the heritage surroundings inspired everything… we wanted the design to feel contemporary, yet also a nod to the Georgian heritage residential surroundings”. In keeping with the context of the environment, the colour of the brickwork was carefully considered. The red brick base, featuring a ‘hit-and-miss’ laying pattern offers timeless style and durability. Moving up the building, the brickwork alternates to a cool, light grey which assimilates with the existing architecture. 

Ft. Daniel Robertson Hawthorn in Red & Austral Bricks San Selmo in Cloudy Silver
Goulburn Street Housing
By Cumulus.Studio

An interaction with the outdoors is integral for contemporary living. Many studies have shown the correlation between natural light and happiness, with suggestions that natural light makes us feel better and more joyful. The Goulburn Street Housing project has ensured that each apartment has an abundance of natural light and private, open outside space. Cumulus said of the project, “our design subverts the stereotype for public housing to prioritize natural light, ventilation and generous outdoor space”. 

Inside the apartments, the fit outs are sleek and minimal, yet modern and playful. With cabinetry in tones of sage green and periwinkle baby blue, the interior colours run in continuity throughout the space, from the bedroom cabinetry, to bathroom walls and into the kitchen. Crisp white walls and soft grey flooring ensure the apartments feel spacious, and allow the natural lighting to filter through. Combining accessibility with contemporary style, the Goulburn Street Housing epitomises how the future of Community Housing could look. 

“San Selmo Bricks in Cloudy Silver, alongside Daniel Robertson Bricks in Hawthorn create the ideal colour palette for contemporary housing, that will develop a beautiful patina over time.”

Goulburn Street Housing

“San Selmo Bricks in Cloudy Silver, alongside Daniel Robertson Bricks in Hawthorn create the ideal colour palette for contemporary housing, that will develop a beautiful patina over time.”

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Daniel Robertson Hawthorn in Red
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Austral Bricks San Selmo Smoked in Cloudy Silver
  • Italy – inspired, rustic and charming. The unique San Selmo range of Smoked, Reclaimed, Textured and Raw Corso embodies the beauty of brick. With hues that transition from light to dark, tactile finishes, and sizes from conventional to distinctive, the San Selmo range suits all contemporary projects and environments.
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Goulburn Street Housing is composed of 25 apartments, each designed to facilitate community housing in a contemporary and accessible way. The government directive for the space was to create housing options specifically for the elderly and disabled, facilitating low-maintenance living. The site of the Housing project was a former council car park, which had two street-facing frontages. The Cumulus Studios team were able to build upon this structure, creating continuity and cohesion throughout the project.

Masonry and brickwork was an integral part of the building brief. Claire Austin, senior Architect at Cumulus Studio said of the chosen materiality, “the interplay of colour and texture in the brick selection brings a village-like appeal and in doing so responds to the surrounding context. We feel the project completes Goulburn Street Housing in a really established way.” San Selmo Bricks in Cloudy Silver, alongside Daniel Robertson Bricks in Hawthorn create the ideal colour palette for contemporary housing, that will develop a beautiful patina over time. 

The ideal choice for the housing project, the chosen bricks are backed by an 100 year warranty. As well as the durability and guarantee of quality, the brickwork offers reduced heating and cooling costs for the tenants and government, whilst ensuring weather resistance and minimal interference for the future. 

A key design ideal of the project was to ensure that the development sat comfortably within the context of the rest of the street, not imposing or standing out, but working in harmony with the existing architecture.

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