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Why you should build your home with bricks

Residential construction trends come and go, but brick remains reliably popular, and for good reason: no other building material offers the same wide range of benefits. Here, we’ve highlighted five key reasons why bricks are best.

Whether you’re starting a new build or simply adding an extension, bricks should be your first choice. Here’s why you should build your home with bricks.

They’re energy efficient.

A home built with bricks will generally remain cooler in summer and warmer in winter than a home built with other materials. That’s because brick has a high thermal mass, which means it absorbs heat at a slower rate than lightweight materials. In summer, this stops the hot outdoor air from warming your home, while in winter it helps prevent indoor heat escaping. Cavity brick walls offer the best performance, blocking more than 99 per cent of heat from the outside.

They’re low maintenance.

Unlike other building materials such as weatherboard, bricks do not require any painting, coating or varnishing in order to maintain their aesthetics and durability. Long-lasting brick is completely weather-proof, even in extreme conditions such as storms, and because bricks do not contain plant matter they are resistant to pests and won’t decay in hot or humid conditions.

They’re a good investment.

Australians trust bricks and are attracted to brick homes: according to a survey by Think Brick Australia, 88 per cent of us grew up with the impression that brick is best, and 84 per cent of us think you can build a modern-looking home with bricks. That makes brick a wise choice if the re-sale value of your home is important to you.

They’re sustainable and safe.

The shale and clay that bricks are made from is naturally abundant, so brick is an environmentally sensitive option. (Bricks can even be recycled.) And, because bricks do not contain harsh chemicals, plastics or artificial compounds, brick homes are healthy environments to live in. Bricks can help keep you safe, too: they are naturally resistant to fire and are the building material of choice in bushfire-prone areas.

They’re stylish.

Whether you prefer dramatic dark chocolate, nostalgic red-brick or easy-breezy cream, there’s a brick to match your style. In recent years, brick manufacturers have perfected new kiln-firing techniques, which means there’s also a wider range of textures and finishes to choose from.

In Australia, the most prestigious and trusted brick brands are united under the Brickworks banner. There’s Austral Bricks, the country’s largest and best-known clay-brick and paver manufacturer; Daniel Robertson, which has been producing hand-crafted bricks since 1853; Bowral Bricks, which uses a distinctive dry-pressed manufacturing method; and , whose premium small-batch bricks are prized by architects and builders.

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