Bay House
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Bay House

Perched in the idyllic Kyle Bay, you’ll find the strikingly monochromatic Bay House, designed by Studio Prineas. Bay House marries tranquillity and functionality to create the dream multigeneration family home.

Bay House, designed by Eva-Marie Prineas, Director of Studio Prineas is the perfect fusion of casual modernity and textural warmth.  Atop a rocky slope and surrounded by an abundance of native flora and fauna, the homeowners’ brief was to centre the home around the rugged bushland. With sweeping views of eucalyptus trees and glimpses of George’s River, Bay House truly showcases the magic of the Australian landscape. 

The refined Bay House is transformative within the area.  Sitting proudly in the bushland, GB Masonry Concrete Block in Honed Porcelain were integral to the project and reflect the serenity and calmness of the surrounding nature.  Minimal finishes married with porous textures offer balance in the homes’ exterior, associating both the privacy and openness of the home.  Eva-Marie worked closely with Austral Masonry to design a home that was just as functional as it was beautiful. 

Eva-Marie says, “Some of the key materials that we used throughout the house are concrete for the floors, blockwork for the walls and then elements of timber.  We chose to use concrete blocks because I love the idea of the materials having multiple functions.”  The home also features a breeze block feature wall at the front, which filters light into the home and elevates the already tranquil ambience. 

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Upon entry, you’re met with an atrium that forms the central spine of the home. Comprised of a floating staircase and a sculptural pendant light, the atrium defines and anchors the layout of the space. “The stillness and calm that you experience when you see the hanging pendant light, and you take a moment to pause,” says, Eva-Marie.  Eva-Marie utilises timber to create a natural, lighter feel to the house, softening the concrete and industrial black features. The kitchen is a key feature of the project, with completely matte black finishes that create depth and pull you into the heart of the home.

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The ground level of the home includes the living, dining and kitchen areas, whilst the lower level offers a rumpus room to be utilised as a multifunctional space and the kid’s quarters.  Venture upstairs to find the haven of the house, a parent’s retreat with dazzling views of eucalyptus trees and the George’s River.  The dining and living area open out to an oversized balcony, engulfing you into nature. 

The GB Masonry blocks in Honed Porcelain reflect the natural environment through its earthy and raw aesthetic, whilst also offering low maintenance and climate-friendly benefits. The porcelain finish of the masonry contrasted against clean black lines adds a new level of sophistication- the result being a minimalist masterpiece. 

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The feeling of incredible serenity and calmness expelled throughout the home is undeniable. Sabulous materials and an abundance of natural light define the ideal multigenerational family home, built to last. Pared-back to perfection, Bay House was designed to be more than just a building; it’s a home to be lived in.  

“We chose to use concrete blocks because I love the idea of the materials having multiple functions.”

Eva-Marie Prineas
Director, Studio Prineas
Bay House

“We chose to use concrete blocks because I love the idea of the materials having multiple functions.”

Eva-Marie Prineas
Director, Studio Prineas
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