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10 Of The Best Interior Designers To Follow on Instagram

Whether you’re sourcing inspiration for a home renovation or are simply an interiors addict, Instagram is the ultimate place to cultivate your creativity and create a portfolio of design ideas.

If you’re looking for guidance but don’t know where to start, we have created a list of our favourite interior architects to follow. Whether a 17th Century French Chateau is your thing, or you’re more into minimalist, coastal design, we have you covered. 

Tamsin Johnson (@tamsinjohnson)

Interior Designer Tamsin Johnson is an avid traveller and the daughter of an antiques dealer.  Her refined yet relaxed aesthetic creates projects that are at once elevated and luxurious and immensely livable. 

Combining carefully curated pieces from around the globe and spanning across the decades, Tamsin’s projects are the ultimate marriage of old and new, contemporary and heritage and comfortable and grandiose. 

Kelly Wearstler (@kellywearstler)

Design aficionados across the globe will likely have heard of Kelly Wearstler. The infamous American designer founded her eponymous design firm in the mid 1990s, and begun creating designs for the retail, hospitality and hotel industries. Today, Wearstler does it all: from luxury residential to sleek commercial, and her own line of furnishings and books, she is currently the biggest name in the design sphere. 

Boasting a cool 1.7 million Instagram followers, Kelly Wearstler may be the most well-known interior designer of the moment. 

Richards Stanisich (@richards_stanisich)

Whilst they may not boast over a million followers, Richards Stanisich’s Instagram account certainly packs a punch. Small in size but big in splendour, the design duo are responsible for some seriously stunning projects. With an eye for composition, detail and colour like no other, Richards Stanisich’s Instagram is an excellent point of reference for those seeking to imbue their home with colour and flare, whilst maintaining a timeless design style.

YSG (@ysg.studio)

Renowned for her bold use of colour and rebellious, whimsical designs, Yasmine Saleh Ghoniem has established herself as the heavyweight champion of the design sphere. YSG’s Instagram is a cornucopia of colour, with pastel tones, acid greens and Yves blue peppered throughout her feed, the page acts as a portfolio of all that YSG dares, and succeeds to achieve. 

Pierre Yovanovitch (@pierre.yovanovitch)

French Interior Designer Pierre Yovanovitch is the master of composition. His projects are the perfect blend of refined style and unpretentious comfort. From a 17th century chateau in the South of France, to a Central Park Penthouse, Pierre Yovanovitch’s design prowess knows no bounds. If you’re an art lover, Yovanovitch is one to follow, with over 265k followers, his projects “blend high art, architectural elements and vintage furniture”. 

India Mahdavi (@indiamahdavi)

Iranian-french designer India Mahdavi’s work shows the culmination of her upbringing, career and life spanning across the US, Germany and France. 

With over a quarter of a million followers, Mahdavi is perhaps best known for her design of the utterly Instagrammable restaurant Sketch in London. Her works are simultaneously bright, bold, sculptural pastel and refined and no one straddles the line between abstract and classic styling quite like Mahdavi. 

Flack Studio (@flackstudio_)

Perhaps known best for their stunning redesign of Troye Sivan’s Melbourne home, Flack Studio have built quite a name for themselves. With a penchant for natural materiality and earthy yet bold tones, Flack Studio’s design transgress trends and are truly timelessly stylish. 

We are Triibe (@wearetriibe)

The interior design team behind InBed, Aje, St Agni and Assembly Label stores, We Are Triibe has accumulated a pretty stellar round up of clients. 

Their minimal, refined aesthetic has been well adored by retail, residential and hospitality spaces across Australia, in fact, so highly respected are the design team, that they have expanded with projects in Canada, Mexico and Hollywood in the pipeline. 

Steve Cordony (@stevecordony)

If Countrycore is your design cup of tea, look no further than Steve Cordony. Boasting over 332k Instagram followers, Steve’s feed is a veritable tribute to the idyllic pastoral lifestyle. As owner of Rosedale Farm in Orange, Steve is regularly posting about the furnishings and design of his gorgeous home, and also of the projects he is a part of. 

Alexander & Co (@alexander_andco)

Alexander & Co’s instagram is the perfect source of inspiration for those considering a renovation on their home or office, or for hospitality and retail design aficionados. Specialising both in architecture and interior design, the team have an eye for mid-century furnishings, creating stunning colour palettes and the perfect composition.

“From a 17th century chateau in the South of France, to a Central Park Penthouse, Pierre Yovanovitch’s design prowess knows no bounds.”

“From a 17th century chateau in the South of France, to a Central Park Penthouse, Pierre Yovanovitch’s design prowess knows no bounds.”

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