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The Role of Biophilia in the Home

Bring the environment indoors with lush and tranquil biophilic design, improving one’s overall health and wellbeing and creating spaces to inspire throughout the day.
Project: Crescent House
Architect: Deicke Richards
Product: Bowral Bricks in Capitol Red & Hereford Bronze
Photography: Christopher Frederick Jones
Project: BENT Annexe
Architect: BENT Architecture
Product: Austral Bricks La Paloma in Romero
Photography: Tatjana Plitt
Project: Stoney Rise Wines Cellar Door
Architect: Cumulus.Studio
Product: Daniel Robertson Hawthorn in London; Bowral Bricks in Bowral Blue
Photography: Anjie Blair
Project: Naranga Avenue House
Architect: James Russell Architect
Product: Austral Bricks La Paloma Miro (Grande)
Photography: Toby Scott
Project: Carpenter’s Square House
Architect: Architects Eat, Albert Mo
Product: Bowral Bricks in Murray Grey; Bowral Hamlet Pavers in Ash
Photography: Derek Swalwell

Biophilic design adds natural elements to interiors through clever interiors that exude natural serenity through nature-inspired materiality and textiles to foster and strengthen the indoor-outdoor connection within the residence. 

Even five minutes outdoors or spending time in an environment replicating nature can have significant benefits. By incorporating and surrounding yourself with natural elements in your daily routine, there are a multitude of health benefits and opportunities to enhance productivity. 

Below are our top three reasons you should bring the outdoors in and how to do it. 


Boosts health and wellbeing benefits

Along with the rapid increase of urbanisation, our stress rates are constantly rising. Australians now spend over 90 per cent of their time indoors, emphasising the importance of natural elements in creating a space that fosters wellbeing rather than reducing it. 

Additional greenery, sunlight and ventilation throughout your home can be relaxing and uplifting due to our evolutionary connection to nature. Moreover, water features exude a sense of calm that can balance stressful mindsets.


Optimises productivity

Spending time amongst greenery can also be exceedingly restorative, boosting your productivity. Our brains can further focus on tasks when surrounded by an environment that exudes calm, as opposed to clutter, lifeless corners and dark spaces. As a result, not only do we see an increase in our productivity but also escalated creativity. Increased plantation can also help reduce noise levels within crowded indoor environments as they absorb and deflect sound through their leaves and branches, making biophilic design optimal for residential and commercial interiors. 


Creates nature-centric environments

Sustainability is at the forefront of innovative urban design and becoming increasingly critical to include within residential spaces. While adding plants within the home reconnects us with the natural world, it also contributes to a cleaner environment by regulating temperatures. 

So, how do we achieve biophilic interiors? 

Live plants are an easy and accessible solution to greening up your space and there are plenty of hassle-free options, such as philodendrons and staghorn ferns, out there for those who lack a green thumb. If you have already mastered house plants, dedicating walls or corners of your space to cascading plants can elevate their biophilic effects.

Understandably, indoor plants are not feasible for everyone, and incorporating leafy or timber textures and colours throughout your home can produce a similar effect to the real thing. Having a backyard is a real asset, particularly if you live in an urban environment. Ensure that the indoor-outdoor access is optimised with sliding doors or large windows that frame the backyard area. Opening all the curtains and blinds throughout your home can increase natural light and ventilation, boosting biophilic benefits. 

Increasing the greenery in your home can transform it into a serene and efficient area that exudes tranquility within a lively urban landscape. 

“By incorporating nature in your daily routine, there are a multitude of health benefits and opportunities to enhance productivity. ”


“By incorporating nature in your daily routine, there are a multitude of health benefits and opportunities to enhance productivity. ”

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