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Product Spotlight: Austral Bricks Pottery Blend

The Pottery Blend range draws influence from ancient clay shapes while looking to the future to define the next generation of Australian homes.

Pottery Blend, one of the latest releases from the new B23 series, pays homage to the wonderfully immutable art of pottery. The ancient craft has made a strong return in recent years, demonstrating the versatility and timelessness of clay, and reflected in the tactility and tonal nuances of the Pottery Blend collection. Each brick in this latest collection highlights the historic artistry of clay-making and how it inspires modern buildings and architectural processes.

Pottery Blend is available in four colourways: Burnished Tan, Charred Clay, Raku Rouge and Bisque Fire.


Smooth, warm and earthy, the Pottery Blend range offers rich tones that create a cordial atmosphere, complemented by a soft, contemporary finish to elevate our spaces. Boasting an effortlessly bold style, each colourway in the range features striking textures and a dappled effect, enriching the bricks with an aged patina.

Burnished Tan, the deepest colour in the collection, is a rich brown with varying copper dappling. Raku Rouge is noticeably more saturated, with a deep crimson hue and comparable golden mottling. Bisque Fire and Charred Clay are the collection’s lighter equivalents; the former is a plum-brown shade, while the latter is a light brown shade with beautiful blush undertones.

The Pottery Blend range is inherently versatile, available in both standard and long format profiles, offering captivating structures when used individually or in combination to create uniquely remarkable architectural moments.

A collection that honours the past, present and future of clay bricks, Pottery Blend celebrates the inherent beauty of unique materiality and offers exceptional design possibilities for generations to come.

The Pottery Blend range from Austral Bricks is available now.

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