Get the Look: Coastal Home
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Get the Look, Coastal Home

This episode of Get The Look is ideal for those who are wanting to evoke the warming, welcoming feel of Australia’s shoreline in their own home.

The Coastal style takes its inspiration from the textural and colour palette of Australia’s beautiful coasts. With finishes that are reminiscent of the sand, seas and shells of the beaches, the Coastal style is less Hamptons, more Island Resort meets the Australian shores. Rich with natural materials, a Coastal Home is a welcoming, calming place that you will want to spend time in.
Rich with natural materials, a Coastal Home is a welcoming, calming place that you will want to spend time in.
Get the look Coastal
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Get the Look, Coastal Home

Timber is a great materiality for the Coastal Home, evocative of the driftwood washed upon the shores. A timber garage door adds a textural element to the home’s facade, and can be repeated in the front door for design continuity. A warm, inviting palette is key for the Coastal style home. Bringing the warmth of the wood from the outside in, timber flooring with a slightly aged finish is a low-maintenance option. Alternatively, a natural wool carpet is a cozy option and the colours will pair nicely with the exterior tones. For colour continuity, soft greys are a great option for the bathroom, however, if you want a pop of colour, a feature wall in a soft green or blue can pay homage to the natural landscape. 

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In keeping with the warm, inviting, relaxing palette, in the kitchen, Treble suggests neutral colours, adding texture through the splash back and the countertop. A darker tone for the countertop is a great way to ground the kitchen. For interior styling, look towards the natural textures and tones of the coastal landscapes; jute, wicker, shells and stones you would find in the coastal environment are perfect for smaller interior accessories. 

Moving to the outdoors, Treble recommends a durable, hard-wearing material with a natural  finish. He recommends the UrbanStone Opulence Paver in Sand, or in White Ash. The latter is reminiscent of the pebbles and aggregate that line the shores. A classic feature of Australian Architecture, Breeze Blocks are a prominent element of the Coastal Landscape. Ideal for creating a type of screening, offering privacy and the ability to filter light at all times of the day, the GB Masonry Flower Breeze Block in Porcelain is as much a design factor as it is an aesthetic element.

“A warm, inviting palette is key for the Coastal style home.”


“A warm, inviting palette is key for the Coastal style home.”

Working from the outside in,  the facade of the home is the first thing that people will see. Perfect for the Coastal style, Austral Bricks’ La Paloma in Miro bricks are evocative of the warm tones of the soft sand. If you are after a brick with more texture, Austral Bricks’ Metallix in Quartz has a weathered finish, mimicking the tones of the seashells lining the shores. Building in brick is not only aesthetically appealing, but it’s also a great way to cut down your energy costs. Using bricks both internally and externally ensures both design continuity, and insulation in your home. With excellent thermal qualities, a brick materiality will protect your home from the harsh elements, keeping you warm and cozy in winter, and cool in the warmer months. For design continuity, Bristile Roofing’s Linen roof tile is a great option. With an undulating profile, reminiscent of waves lapping on the shore, the texture and tone of the roof tile is perfect for the Coastal style. Matching the fascias, gutters and down-pipes with the roof tiles creates a cohesive, streamlined finish. 

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