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6 Ways to Elevate Your Home Office

A home office should be an environment that stimulates inspiration and allows you to engage deeply with your tasks at hand.

As we continue to champion the world of hybrid working, creating a space that provides you with the tools and atmosphere to be productive and creative while eliminating distractions is essential. Having an area that is meticulously organised and set up to suit your needs and the specific way you need to work is integral to achieving high levels of concentration throughout the day. 

We have compiled a list of six essential tips to curate the ideal home office and take your WFH experience to the next level. 

Upgrade your lighting

A good lighting scheme is often one of the most overlooked aspects of one’s home office. Not only is it integral to maximising productivity throughout the day, but having sufficient and effective lighting contributes to your overall health and wellbeing. Natural sunlight has a direct, positive effect on employees’ mental health, mood and productivity. 

However, if your space has limited access to natural light, curating a comprehensive artificial lighting scheme can achieve the atmosphere you’re looking for. Opt for warm-toned lighting in your space for focused ambient lighting, complemented with soft textiles and dimmer lights to achieve a calming atmosphere from day to night. 

Go green

Incorporating greenery into your home office has a multitude of benefits, including improving air quality, revitalising your connection with the great outdoors, acting as a source of inspiration for your inner-green thumb and providing a pop of colour into the workspace. Adding plants to your office is a simple yet effective way to bring some excitement into a stale work zone.

Personalise your space

Make your space unique with your distinct style and personal flair. Utilise a range of decorative items such as a statement artwork by your favourite artist, your favourite scented candle, a cosy rug or even a luxurious armchair to remind you to step away from the computer and take regular breaks. It’s important to distinguish a designated work zone within the house for a healthy work-life balance by creating an environment solely curated for focused work. Personalising this space can help spark creativity and help it feel more welcoming to the working routine. 

Bring a splash of colour

Choosing a colour palette that suits your style can inspire your mood and motivation to produce great work. 

Depending on your personal style, a muted colour palette of calming shades of blues and greens; varying hues of soft creams; and earthy colours can create a serene, tranquil space. In contrast, creatives may lean towards bold, vivid hues such as bright reds and oranges to spark inspiration throughout the day. Selecting a striking material palette can also inject some colour into the space. Bricks are a great way to add a rustic look with its raw tactility, elevated by natural colourways to incorporate subtle tones throughout the space. Ultimately, the best colour scheme for a home office finds the harmonious balance of inspiring, stimulating and grounding. 

Declutter and de-stress

The saying ‘tidy home, tidy mind’ is a practice that shouldn’t be overlooked, especially in the work zone. Having a cluttered space without order can cause a range of distractions and unnecessary stress throughout the workday. Without proper organisation, your working routine is at risk of being disrupted, which can significantly impact your ability to focus. Setting the space up to ensure it is easy to locate important documents and equipment by constantly tidying up at the end of the day is crucial to high productivity levels. 

Ergonomics is key

Finding the best ergonomic office chair is one of the most critical aspects of your home office setup. As we spend most of our day sitting at our desks, finding the best chair that is meticulously engineered with exceptional levels of comfort, benefits for posture, functional details, and style is paramount. A quality chair promotes numerous health and wellbeing benefits and allows you to hone in on deep-focus work over an extended period without discomfort or distraction.  

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