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5 Landscaping Ideas to Add Privacy to Your Backyard

If you want to create a secluded sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of your busy surroundings, take a look at these five landscaping ideas to add a bit of privacy to your backyard.

1. Grow your garden

Adding a collection of plants of varying heights and sizes is a quick and easy way to instil some privacy in your backyard. Mixing light streams of foliage with potted plants, multiple species of flora, and striking topiaries will add depth and colour to your garden. This botanical haven can be a slow work in progress, allowing you to gradually and affordably add privacy to your backyard over time. Additionally, it allows you to invest in high-quality plants that will withstand seasonal changes and have a longer life span. 

Refining the greenery scheme in your backyard also allows you to shade and conceal specific areas that you want to add privacy to or protect from the sun. Growing your garden is a perfect opportunity to add privacy to your outdoor space and a great way to improve your green thumb along the way. 

2. Camouflage with climbers

While building a fence in your backyard may seem like an easy solution to improve backyard privacy, this might not be in keeping with the design of your home. A way of combating this is planting climbing plants to soften the appearance of fencing, which can often appear overly rigid and traditional. Climbers enhance the garden’s botanical design by producing a charming floral style. 

More than just aesthetics, climbing plants are a great solution to add privacy, camouflage specific parts of your garden and transform your outdoor area into a tranquil retreat. It’s important to consider maintenance, sunlight and shade when selecting the appropriate climbers for your garden. For example, Bougainvillaea and other sun-loving climbers will give your garden a vibrant splash of colour, while Star Jasmine will provide shaded areas with a cleaner, crisper appearance. Vines and Ivy are popular choices as they are low-maintenance and have a fast-growing rate, creating the garden of your dreams. 

3. Build a brick wall

Building a brick wall enclosing your backyard is a highly effective solution for achieving privacy. A large brick wall structure will separate your property from its surroundings, creating a space for isolation and solitude, separating you from the outside world. Brick walls also add texture and interest to your backyard, especially when using bricks of captivating hues, complemented by striking pavers to complete the look. 

Installing a brick wall is also a practical solution for homes vulnerable to temperamental weather conditions. It provides a solid, protective structure, sheltering your space from the wind, sun and rain. However, if you are concerned about blocking the sunlight, utilising bricks with a perforated design allows light to pass throughout the day. Brick walls create an exciting statement feature in your backyard while maintaining enough privacy to enjoy your garden in peace. 

4. Add sculptural greenery

Trees are a beautiful and organic addition to achieve privacy in your outdoor space. Planting various trees of varying heights in more open and expansive gardens is a great way to add depth and interest amidst the other foliage. Planting trees can also add a central focal point when using your backyard for entertainment or selecting a sheltered spot to relax and unwind. 

Planting multiple trees with slimmer trunks can help build a welcoming wooded retreat for your family and guests. These will provide gentle shading from the sun without blocking out the light completely, offering the perfect spot to reconnect with the great outdoors. Bamboo is a great alternative to achieve this look and is relatively low maintenance, durable and last a lifetime. As evergreen perennial plants, bamboos maintain their green leaves all year, providing a rich landscape of colour and texture year. 

5. Soundproof your backyard

While your neighbours may not be able to see you, they may be able to hear you. To combat this, create extra privacy in your garden by adding a stand-alone water feature, such as a fountain. The calming white noise can drown out the disruptive sounds of a noisy neighbour or traffic surrounding your home. This option also gives you and your family a touch of privacy in your garden for conversations and music. A water feature can also add a sculptural statement, complementing your home’s overall design. 

Alternatively, if you have a pool in your garden, adding a water feature to the pool may be a more straightforward solution. It is important to consider the water feature’s sound level and intensity to achieve the right balance of soothing sound throughout the day. 

“More than just aesthetics, climbing plants are a great solution to add privacy, camouflage specific parts of your garden and transform your outdoor area into a tranquil retreat. ”


“More than just aesthetics, climbing plants are a great solution to add privacy, camouflage specific parts of your garden and transform your outdoor area into a tranquil retreat. ”

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