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4 Incredible Restaurants Built with Brick

Brick is often favoured in restaurants for its practicality, thermal benefits and cost effectiveness, as well as its incredible design potential. Whether brick is used for a building’s façade, its interior walls, or to build a bespoke bar, brick exudes warmth and character that is integral to achieving a sensational atmosphere in restaurants.

Below, we’ll take you through four stunning restaurants that have embraced brick in very different applications, showcasing the incredible beauty and versatility of brick.

Locura Bar by Pattern Studio

Designed by Pattern Studio, Locura Bar is a minimalist bar and casual diner in Byron Bay that is operated by the Three Blue Ducks. Inspired by Mexico City’s small late-night venues, geometric pattern-play and expressive use of light, this eatery celebrates the ‘raw beauty’ of Mexico in a sophisticated and understated way.Veering away from ‘simplistic or culturally appropriated’ imagery typically associated with South American Cuisine, Pattern Studio instead chose to ‘discreetly reference the humble character’ of Mexico, which they have articulated through monochromatic grey tones and raw textures. Using Austral Masonry’s GB Smooth Bricks in Nickel, Pattern Studio created a statement island bar topped with a concrete counter, perfectly encapsulating the imperfect, handcrafted appeal of Mexican architecture.

Alphonsus Pizzeria, The Glen Hotel, by Blueprint Architects
Antica Pizzeria e Cucina by Genesin Studio

Antica Pizzeria e Cucina by Genesin Studio

In Adelaide’s Antica Pizzeria e Cucina, Genesin Studio employed brick and dark steel to create a moody interior that perfectly evokes the shady, cloistered laneways of Napoli’s ancient centre. Brick is undoubtedly the hero of this restaurant, with brickwork repeated on the walls, bar and floors to create a dynamic and inviting atmosphere.The restaurant is comprised of over 50,000 hand cut bricks that were laid in 8 different ways- stack bond, brick bond, bolstered, facia tiled, fluted, end cut, side cut and vaulted, which creates a brick-on-brick narrative that unfolds as you make your way through the restaurant. Bowral Bricks Bowral 50 in Simmental Silver were used to create a calming grey palette, offset by blackened steel used for the windows, façade and bar surrounds.

Alphonsus Pizzeria, The Glen Hotel by Blueprint Architects

Alphonsus Pizzeria is an award-winning restaurant at The Glen Hotel in Brisbane that perfectly replicates the beauty of an Italian summer. Designed by Blueprint Architects, the Italian restaurant is known for its quaint courtyard setting comprised of a reclaimed brick bar, cobblestone flooring and overhanging vines that cast a whimsical spell on the restaurant.The indoor/outdoor setting allows visitors to enjoy a cocktail under the sun, or a romantic candlelit dinner inside. The San Selmo Reclaimed bricks used for the distinctive bar embodies the rustic, charming vibe of Italy, creating an authentic Italian experience for guests.

Omnia Bistro by EAT Architects
Omnia Bistro by EAT Architects

Omnia Bistro by EAT Architects

Omnia Bistro is an elegant all-day European bar and eatery in the heart of South Yarra, Melbourne. The restaurant offers various rooms suitable for different moods and occasions, including a front room with floor to ceiling windows overlooking Chapel Street, and a central bar area filled with velvet blue bar stools, chateau-style hanging amps, round wooden tables and a bespoke mural by Bromley & Co.

The back of the restaurant offers leather banquettes with views of the kitchen, as well as counter dining for a more immersive experience. Whilst each space as its own distinct flare, each room of Omnia takes inspiration from the warmth and earthiness of European aesthetic, and the result, as EAT Architects say themselves, ‘is reminiscent of sipping Aperol Spritz in a Tuscan piazza or cocktails on the Rivera.’ Exposed brick walls made from San Selmo Reclaimed bricks that are manufactured in Italy bring texture to the space, while the variation of neutral and earthy tones add depth of character.

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