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2021 New Arrivals Collection
With over 80 new products and countless colours to choose from.
We hope our new creations can find a home in your next project.
Austral Bricks
From dappled sunlight to coastal storms, these classic bricks have a traditional weight, presence and visual strength – but with a tonal difference that makes any project uniquely contemporary. Created by Austral Bricks SA, these bricks are well loved by architects, owners and specifiers for good reason.

*South Australian Exclusive

BrandAustral Bricks
Bowral Gable
These bespoke bricks don't just lend themselves to high-end projects – they’re a clever way to add a touch of creative detailing that knits together form and surface. Available in our full range of Bowral Bricks colours and shapes, these bricks can be used in either stack or stretcher bond to enhance shadowing effects in sunlight or indoors.
BrandBowral Bricks
Bowral Highlands
Using clay sourced from the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, these tactile creations are blended by our master brick-makers to spectacular effect. Bowral Highlands offers shades that morph from light to dark, with natural seams of colour within each brick. These expressive veins result in a crafted brick unlike any other; the perfect balance of form, function and enduring class.
BrandBowral Bricks
Nubrik 290
Sleek and refined, our Nubrik pressed bricks now come in a new linear format of 290 x 110 x 50mm. Available in any of the Nubrik Australis, Artisan and Traditional colourways, this new format brings a refined contemporary edge to the Nubrik portfolio.
Nubrik Australis
Developed over months of trials in our Wollert plant, our research and development team has achieved something genuinely special – a pressed brick with timelessly beautiful subtle marbling. It allows the clay to mimic natural rock, creating distinctive and appealing naturally multicoloured tones.
Park Lane
Inspired by the Georgian townhouses and Victorian mansions that grace the streets of London’s magnificent old town, this range speaks of elegance and refined taste. Robust and confident, Park Lane offers the perfect balance of classic form – equally at home in the city or leafy countryside.
BrandAustral Bricks
Piccolo Pavers
Steeped in heritage and tradition yet contemporised by the flexibility of its smaller format and versatile pattern variations, Piccolo Pavers are crafted to make a big impression within a gentle footprint. The breathtaking finish of Piccolo Pavers is a sight to behold and promises to keep providing architectural gravitas for the life of the product.

*South Australia Exclusive

BrandAustral Bricks
Stratos Series
Inspired by Australia’s magnificent coastlines and endless skies, this vibrant collection is a masterclass of finesse and understatement. A favourite in contemporary homes and commercial projects, Stratos bring subtly variegated tones with natural contrasts and gentle metallic finishes – perfect for both architectural highlights or strong focal points.

*NSW Exclusive

BrandAustral Bricks
Thin Brick
Because Thin Brick is genuine brick only thinner, it gives you more flexibility to add style and authenticity to any part of your house, reducing the cost and time that it would take for standard brick applications. From striking splashbacks to inviting outdoor entertaining areas, there’s no limit to Thin Brick’s range of applications inside or outside your home.
BrandAustral Bricks
Landmark Stone
These natural forms have the strength, durability and imperfect beauty of real stone. Ideal for architectural projects that require a lower-cost solution than traditional stone, they offer a naturally-grounded design register when used for contemporary and traditional projects in commercial, institutional or residential placements.

* NSW and QLD Exclusive

BrandAustral Bricks
GB Austral Masonry
GB Veneer Arcadia
Inspired by the rich and multifaceted Australian landscape, the Arcadia range captures the spirit and style of the country in all of its varied beauty. The mottled colours and subtle earthy texture of the Arcadia cement blocks are a true testament to GB Masonry’s commitment to contemporary Australian design.
BrandGB Masonry
GB Vertico Split Face
From sensitive Mid-Century Modern projects to contemporary Australian builds and beyond, the Vertico Block fits seamlessly across a vast array of architectural styles and is indicative of GB Masonry’s pioneering craft and ongoing innovation harnessed, as always, from unwavering imagination and a passion for perfection.
BrandGB Masonry
Australian Granite
Australian Granite is a fitting foundation for decadent designs. Its striking and storied past forming the base of how we imagine and evoke a feeling of grandeur - bold, unbreakable, and regal. The collection features prominently in civic projects throughout the country and now, for the first time, is available in 20mm thickness to suit residential applications.
Australian Marble
Locally sourced and formed to perfection, with four distinctive colourways, two sizes and two finishes, the Australian Marble collection offers a rich and textured story of luxury and opulence, in a modern and fresh interpretation.
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