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Austral Bricks
Vogue Collection
Classic clay hues are given a glossy revival in this glamourous range. Offering an elevated sheen to spaces residential or commercial, the Vogue Collection is both chic and effortlessly modern. Retaining the quintessential shades that shape Australia’s architectural landscape, each brick highlights the unique character of its palette with added shine, giving this integral material unmatched contemporary flair for an array of uses.
BrandAustral Bricks
Austral Masonry
Oakdale Pavers
Made in our backyard to add new life to yours. The Oakdale paving range offers a shot blast or honed finish in four colours and three sizes: 230x115x50mm, 400x400x45mm and 600x400x45mm. The finish used is unique to existing pavers on the market with the paver first shot blasted or honed before the paver is then curled which softens the pavers finish and reveals aggregate (stone) in the concrete mix.
BrandAustral Masonry
Machine Laid 1200 Grey Block
Build smarter and faster with the 1200 Grey Block from Austral Masonry. Three times longer than a standard grey block, the 1200 offers outstanding installation efficiencies when combined with Robotics Australia’s MULE lifting machine which enables block layers to lift over 30kg products with ease and speed. The 1200 has been designed with grooves at 400mm intervals to create the appearance of standard grey blocks when installed.
BrandAustral Masonry
GB Masonry
GB Vertico Honed & Smooth
Bringing together style and substance, the vertical lines which create the ribbed finish offers a magnificent linear appearance and strong architectural look. The Vertico range is the contemporary reimagining of the traditional concrete block, offering a distinctive answer to those looking for impactful, iconic design.
BrandGB Masonry
OpenForm Pavers
OpenForm Pavers are designed to be naturally styled and refined. While traditional paving and hardstand products create a solid impermeable surface, OpenForm Pavers create a solid paved surface which allows grass to grow and water to flow through them. Traditionally referred to as ‘grass pavers’, OpenForm Pavers are used to create a hardstand, drainage and green space in one. OpenForm Pavers are crafted with 35% less concrete than standard concrete pavers while offering outstanding drainage, embracing greenery and forming the foundation for inspired outdoor spaces.
BrandGB Masonry
Capturing the tones of mountains, clifftops and sandy beaches, the Sierrastone wall cladding range is available in a collection of random sized pieces that combine to create a natural, rustic stone finish.
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