Work Reimagined Melbourne Edition
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6:00 pm AEST Thursday 20/06/2024
Brickworks Design Studio Melbourne
Join CO-architecture for a special evening over drinks and canapes

Learning from our mistakes is an intimate gathering where the design community embraces the reality behind the glamorous facades.

This event is dedicated to architects, designers, and practice owners eager to share not only their triumphs, but their "What was I thinking?" moments, the unforeseen hurdles, and the invaluable insights gained from plans that veered off course.

Picture an evening where we ditch the glossy editorials and delve into the true stories of building careers in design and creating the spaces that define our environment. Work Redesigned offers a rare peek behind the architectural curtain, celebrating the intricate, often bumpy journey of innovation and the learning that comes from every misstep.

Stephanie Bullock - Director at Kosloff Architecture (1)
Stephanie Bullock Director, Kosloff Architecture

Stephanie Bullock is a co-founder of Kosloff Architecture and believes that the creation of an authentic and engaged practice culture is integral to producing high quality and lasting architectural design. She is committed to building a workplace that is highly aspirational in terms of what it provides for the people that work there, and also to collaborators and the broader community.

Stephanie has led a wide range of projects for residential, institutional, educational, commercial and government clients, and her architectural experience is complemented by an extensive range of business skills honed in her previous career as a management consultant and project manager.

During her architectural career, she has leveraged this to develop and implement financial reporting, marketing, HR and risk management systems specific to the needs of architectural practice. Kosloff Architecture became a certified BCorp in May 2019, and she is fully committed to the principles of sustainable and ethical business as outlined in the BCorp charter.

Fiona Dunin - Director at fmd architects (2)
Fiona Dunin Director, FMD Architects

Fiona Dunin established FMD Architects in 2005 with a focus on design intensive projects of varying scales and types. Fiona merges the two disciplines of interior design and architecture. Her experience is diverse, with a range of projects including residential, major retail and institutional projects over the last 30 years.

The detailed nature of her work, coupled with her extensive research into materials and product development is reflected in the rich interiors and architecture produced.

Sarah and Richard Bryant - Directors at Bryant Alsop
Sarah and Richard Bryant Directors, Bryant Alsop

Since 2009, we have sought to create an attentive practice built on openness, collaboration and trust, working closely with our team to create beautiful buildings. We love coming to work each day and look to build a team that shares this approach.

We hope our clients feel this energy, and it feeds and inspires all our projects. With a love of problem-solving, Sarah balances design work, client interface, time on site with running a business. Sarah leads the residential side of the practice. 'Every day is diverse and full of opportunity'.

Richard has spent the last decade solidifying our relationship with the VSBA, and leading the education and institutional projects. Richard brings a wealth of experience and a love of design, travel, food and wine & cycling. Together our skill sets are complimentary and have allowed us to diversify our practice and together with our associates, build a committed and talented team.

Kevin Mitchem - Headshot
Kevin Mitchem CEO, CO-architecture

After over a decade of practising architecture and engineering in Australia and abroad, he has directly felt the effects of the industry's reliance on the Australian economy.

Throughout his career, he, like many architects, had to deal with employment instability and project uncertainty. In 2020 amidst the COVID19 pandemic, Kevin co-founded CO-architecture as a sustainable way to manage and find work in architecture.

Architecture professionals and businesses can connect and grow more efficiently, sustainably, and equitably. After their formal beta launch in June 2021 CO-architecture has seen over 2500 users sign up, Kevin intends to disrupt the recruitment model with a fresh emphasis on benefits equity and providing sustainable, flexible working opportunities.

In addition to his passion for supporting design professionals and creative industries, Kevin's PhD research is focused on examining the interface between technology and the built environment to explore space users’ specific needs, specifically the wellbeing of users in the workplace.

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