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Welcome to our Tips & Tricks series.
In this series, Australian Interior Designer and Media Personality James Treble will take you through the most important
tips and tricks you need to know when selecting building products for your home.
Our tactical and targeted tips and tricks will help you determine what products suit your home,
based on your tastes and needs.

In this episode, Interior designer James Treble brings his wealth of knowledge and years of experience to guide you in choosing the right materials to bring your project to life. Join James as he shares his top five considerations for selecting the perfect brick for your home.

Join Interior Designer James Treble in this episode of Brickworks’ Tips and Tricks, as he offers his expertise in selecting the right roofing material for your home. As an integral part of any structure, James discusses the need to balance the considerations of durability, style and technology in order to make a roofing selection that will stand the test of time.

Even though we’ve been taught not to judge a book by its cover, first impressions really do last. To capture the attention of passers-by and to give your project the ultimate street appeal, selecting the right colour scheme for your exterior façade can go a long way. In this episode of Brickworks’ Tips & Tricks, interior designer James Treble breaks down his top five tips to help make choosing your exterior paint colours a breeze.

In this episode Interior Designer James Treble shares his top five tips for choosing pavers for your outdoor living area that suit your lifestyle and design taste. James talks about all things material, scale, colour, versatility and durability to help you pave your way to success with an outdoor area designed for every season.

We discuss how to build a home that is comfortable, functional and visually pleasing, yet also good for the planet. As our fight against climate change continues, environmentally conscious homes are the way forward. Here, Interior Designer James Treble takes you through his top five tips for building an effortlessly sustainable, future-focused home – designed with the earth’s wellbeing in mind.

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