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Brickworks is Australia’s largest brickmaker and concrete products manufacturer with operations both in Australia and United States.
As such, we are continuously looking for the latest innovations to improve both processes
and plant efficiencies while also improving environmental sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.

Clicking ‘Apply Now’ will take you to our Ideation Hub on Leading Edge Only. You will need to take 2 minutes
to register your free account to submit your solution or expertise on this innovation platform.


Brickworks are therefore always open to innovators or organisations developing new and exciting innovations, technologies or expertise.

If you or your organisation have concepts, are developing new solutions or have technologies “ready for market” that you think could be of interest to Brickworks, please click “Apply” above to submit your solution or expertise.

By applying your innovation or expertise will be reviewed and seen by our team.

If your technology or expertise is then of interest, one of our team members will reach out, meaning there is potential for joint venture, partnership, or other opportunities at the discretion of Brickworks.

If you have any questions please contact our partner:

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