The future of sustainable roofing technology

Integrated Solar Roof Tiles by Bristile


September 2017

Imagine a high-tech roofing system that offers sleek, integrated design and powerful energy-generating potential – Bristile Roofing’s innovative new solar roof tile system is the future of sustainable residential design.

Just released by Bristile Roofing’s R&D team, this dynamic solar roofing system captures the sun’s energy and converts it into a usable sustainable power source. At the same time, the system is designed to integrate seamlessly with your home’s design, allowing it to make the most of the Australian climate without compromising on aesthetics.

The Bristile solar and battery system comprises four specially designed elements:

  • solar cells which capture the sun’s energy. You can choose either sleek integrated solar roof tiles for a refined finish, or standalone solar panels from world-leading supplier Suntech.
  • high-tech inverters that convert the captured energy to usable power. Home owners have the option of a Fronius inverter that allows energy to be transferred back to the grid; or, for systems equipped with a Sonnen battery, an integrated inverter that stores the energy for later use.
  • German-engineered batteries from Sonnen that store the sun’s energy and allow your home to become a sustainable closed-loop solar energy system.
  • easy-to-use monitoring systems so you can track your solar roof system’s performance and monitor the energy stored and the savings on your energy bill. Accessible via iPhone, iPad or a desktop computer, there are basic and advanced monitoring packages – the basic option shows power generation and usage; while the advanced package optimises your system for peak performance through a sophisticated algorithm that tracks weather data, usage patterns and electricity pricing. Together, these components offer an advanced solar roofing system tailored to your home, energy needs and budget.

“The Bristile Roofing solar and battery system brings together the latest technologies in capturing, converting, storing and monitoring solar energy,” says Brickworks’ General Manager of Marketing, Brett Ward. “We’re proud to have created a beautifully designed system that offers maximum efficiency while complementing your home’s design.”

One of the system’s key strengths is its adaptable configuration – the system can be tailored to suit small homes or larger projects, delivering maximum returns in any scenario. Plus, the system’s components are sourced from leading suppliers specialising in solar technology, ensuring efficient operation for years to come.

“Sustainable energy will play an important part in Australia’s future, and Bristile’s integrated solar system is designed to make the most of Australia’s natural resources – offering savings for homeowners and the environment,” says Mr Ward.

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The future of sustainable roofing technology

Integrated Solar Roof Tiles by Bristile

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