University Of Adelaide, Waite Campus, SA


TerraçadeTM installation: Cladding & Roofing Contractors

Photographer: Chameleon Photography

Builder: Hindmarsh Construction

Architect: Hassell

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At the heart of the Wine Innovation Cluster at the University of Adelaide’s Waite campus is the new Wine Innovation Central Building. It is a remarkable building both in its function (housing research staff from the Australian Wine Research Institute and Adelaide University) and form, being clad in revolutionary Austral Bricks Terraçade.

Terraçade, and this colour in particular, was chosen for a variety of reasons: to add a more ‘international’ look to the building; to be more appropriate to the setting (a number of heritage red brick buildings already exist on campus); and to be more aligned with connotations of the wine industry and the earthiness of vines growing in red clay soils.

The Terraçade tile chosen, Pilbara Linear, has horizontal ‘rules’ that add to the surface texture and character, and help to break up the strong verticality of the building.

This is a building that will stand the test of time as an architectural contribution to the campus.

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Colour: Pilbarra


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