Riviere Apartments


Location: Abbotsford VIC

Function: Housing

Structural engineer: WSP Structures

Developer: Marne Properties

Architect: Bruce Henderson Architects

Builder/bricklayer: LU Simon

Photographer: Ian Potter Photography

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Rivière Apartments occupies a triangular riverside site in a former industrial suburb. The 287 apartments are in three major buildings grouped around an internal courtyard. In keeping with the local heritage, the project makes extensive use of bricks, blending their texture and materiality with the precise geometry favoured in contemporary architecture.

The use of polychromatic brickwork with deep reveals and double-height stringcourses is an integral part of the concept for the main street elevation. The multiple entry points to two of the three complexes are marked by brick-clad towers that act as wayfinders. One of the entry points takes a distinctive triangulated form, highlighted by cladding in Elements Zinc bricks. “Our original concept was that when you view all three buildings from the central courtyard,” explains design architect Matt Budd, “each has its individual identity but they all tie in together. We are particularly very happy with the way the polychromatic brickwork came out.”

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