Preston House

Quick Facts

Location: Preston VIC

Structural Engineer: Structplan

Builder: Wattle Homes

Architect: Brett Tuer Architect in association with Chris Jones

Photographer: Scottie Cameron

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The front half of this inter-war Melbourne house is solidly built in clinker bricks. However the central passage terminated in a bathroom and the back of the house was a rundown weatherboard jumble.

Unblocking and extending this passage was the key to redeveloping the existing building and extending its footprint. Replacing the old extensions are two pavilions constructed in insulated double (or cavity) brickwork.

The internal face is bagged rather than plastered. The central corridor now flows through the house and along a narrow deck into the back garden. To the north in the shorter pavilion is a new bedroom while the longer southern wing has a combined living area and dining room, with a study to the rear.

The new brick walling takes on an Art Deco appearance with gently-rounded corners and patterns of projecting bricks that create a play of light and shadow as the sun traverses the day.

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The traditional, rich, earthy red of this pressed brick has made it a Melbourne icon. These solid, timeless bricks display an individual character will maintain their appeal and durability for generations to come.

Colour: Manganese

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