Port Geographe


Location: Port Geographe, WA.

Builder: ProLiving

Photography: Ange Wall

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If you want to create a home with a style that transcends fashion and also complements its natural surroundings, the devil is in the details. And one big detail is the materials you use.

In Western Australia’s stunning Port Geographe sits a house where careful attention has been paid to striking the often-precarious balance of a home with architectural cachet that also makes sense within its environment.

WA builder ProLiving crafted this modern home using a clever collection of materials, from various claddings to polished concrete and glass. But to give the house a warmth and texture that would anchor its contemporary aesthetic, ProLiving designer Kelly Price chose to use Austral Bricks’ San Selmo Reclaimed range. The location has “views of the Port Geographe Marina, and the Reclaimed brick – with a variation of neutral and earthy tones – ties the house back to the natural surroundings of the sand, beach and water”, says Price.

A kiln-fired clay brick made in Italy, the San Selmo Reclaimed range has a naturally rustic finish that brings a distinctly tactile element to projects. Price says that when designing this stand-out home, she was looking to use a brick that “wasn’t too dramatic, but stylish enough to make a real impact”. After seeing the San Selmo brick, she immediately knew it was perfect for the Geographe Bay location.

Using the brick to establish an eye-catching street frontage, the effect extends deep into the house, creating a visually impressive entryway threshold and providing a counterbalance to the sleek polished concrete floor. “The San Selmo bricks bring the wow factor with major street appeal,” says Price. “It instantly draws your attention to the home.”

With contrasting colours, cladding and textures on the home’s frontage, the San Selmo brick unifies these elements and lends softness to the overall look – ultimately creating an inviting warmth, while still maintaining a covetable contemporary edge.

With the home’s proximity to Geographe Bay Marina, the client wanted to echo the area’s nautical ties in a modern aesthetic without labouring over the theme. A mixture of claddings and the gently worn look of the bricks give a subtle nod to life lived by the bay.

While ProLiving used a variety of tools from their design kit to fulfil the brief, Price says it’s the San Selmo brick the proud owners of the home have fallen in love with. “They told us their favourite feature of the home is the brick. Everyone that comes through their house comments on how beautiful the feature bricks are.”

While the Port Geographe house is a contemporary expression that uses the bricks to add depth of character, the soft palette of the San Selmo Reclaimed range is also suited to more traditional styles. Working well as a unifying or stand-out component in a build, the brick almost invites you to run your hand over its rough-hewn texture and effortlessly brings a next-level element to a new home.

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