Peak Apartments


Location: Putney Hill

Builder: Taylor Construction

Photography: Black Bee Studio

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INEX>EXPRESS boards provide an affordable, non-combustible feature-cladding solution on the Putney Hill Peak apartments to meet fire-compliance requirements.

Putney Hill on the border of Putney and Ryde is a new residential community by Frasers Property with nearly 800 apartments and houses, as well as parklands, gardens, a playground, running track, native trees and bushland. The medium-density housing project incorporates a number of developments, with Peak Apartments being the final and premium offering. Peak is located at the highest point of the neighbourhood (hence the name), where it’s elevated above the trees and has sweeping views of the harbour, city and Parramatta River.

Peak comprises 174 residential apartments and penthouses across two low-rise buildings and offers an array of amenities including a rooftop garden, barbecue and lawn areas, outdoor gym equipment, and a multi-purpose communal room. Designed by Cox Richardson Architects and built by Taylor, the contemporary buildings have a strong relationship between inside and outside spaces with balconies, terraces, pergolas and sliding shutters adding articulation to the façades.

Taylor specified INEX>EXPRESS for the feature cladding, which adds colour and a sense of warmth and texture to the exterior, complementing the natural setting. The choice of INEX>EXPRESS was made to ensure the project meets Australian standards for fire ratings and specifically 1530.1 Australian standard for non-combustibility.

According to Russel Erickson, Account Manager NSW Specialised Building Systems, “INEX>EXPRESS won’t rot, rust or fade. Its 22MPA and it complies with the 1530.1 Australian standard for non-combustibility.

“INEX>EXPRESS comes with grooves routed into its surface to deliver an authentic timber board appearance without the fuss of having to lay individual decking boards” said Russell.

The boards line the soffit of the rooftop over the penthouses; the angular sides of the front of the building; and the walls and ceiling of the entrance and lobby. The boards accentuate light and shadow, accruing a golden glow when illuminated.

INEX>EXPRESS is an affordable substitute to hardwood and other timber composites, and is durable, lightweight and incredibly strong. Each INEX>EXPRESS sheet represents five 120-millimetre-wide individual boards with routed V grooves on the surface to evoke the appearance of timber cladding. This “façade by the sheet” solution reduces installation time to less than 20 per cent of what it would be if individual boards were used, and the tongue-and-groove edgesensure a tight fit.

While INEX>EXPRESS can be coated to achieve a timber-look finish, it doesn’t have the long-term maintenance requirements of timber. It’s resistant to moisture, mould and termite attack, is highly durable, recyclable and non-toxic.

Made from low-carbon magnesium oxide and employing fibre-reinforced Engineered Cementitious Composite (ECC) technology, INEX>EXPRESS is non-combustible and meets fire-compliance requirements for external cladding materials. The boards, which are part of the INEX BOARDS™ range, are certified to a Fire Rating Level (FRL) of 60/60/60 and approved for all Bushfire Attack Levels.

Brickworks undertook an intensive 30-minute fire-propagation test of INEX BOARDS™ to ensure it could withstand bushfire attack level BAL-FZ. The test found that INEX BOARDS™ both limited the spread of fire and protected the structure of a building.

“Rigorous testing has been taken to ensure INEX BOARDS™ comply with building standards and pass fire testing for cladding materials. The product demonstrates suitability due to its very nature and proven history of performance, and when used as part of an approved system, meets the non-combustibility requirements for cladding materials,” says Brett Ward, General Manager International Marketing, Brickworks Building Products.

Taylor has now completed the Figtree, Palmera, Jacara, Gardens, Canopy and Peak apartments within the Putney Hill development. In 2015, Taylor received an Excellence in Housing Construction Award for Home Units up to $300,000 by the Master Builders of NSW for the design and construction of Figtree Apartments, and in 2017 won for Home Unitsin the category of $300,000 to $400,000 for the Gardens Apartments.

INEX Boards INEX Express

INEX>EXPRESS is ‘facade by the sheet’ and comes with grooves routed into its surface to deliver an authentic timber board appearance without the fuss of having to lay individual decking boards.

Each INEX>EXPRESS sheet represents 5 x 120mm wide individual timber boards, thereby cutting the installation time to less than 20% of what it would be if individual boards were used.

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