Park At Waterfront, Newstead


Location: Newstead QLD

Structural Engineer: ADG Engineers

Brick and Blocklayer: Fugen Holdings

Builder: Mirvac Constructions (Queensland)

Architect: Mirvac Design

Photographer: Alex Chomicz

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High-rise development sets new standards in a heritage riverside suburb.

Over the past decade Brisbane’s riverside suburb of Newstead has cast off its commercial, industrial and maritime past and been reborn as a fashionable, upmarket residential suburb.

The area is probably best known for the iconic brick woolstores in Teneriffe (now a suburb in its own right) but is also home to some fine Queenslanders and heritage properties such as Newstead House, Brisbane’s oldest existing residence, built in 1846, and the flamboyant Breakfast Creek Hotel.

A 17-hectare gasworks site is being developed as Newstead Riverpark. Mirvac’s Waterfront project occupies just over 10 hectares of this prime site flanking the Brisbane River, a mere two kilometres from the CBD.

Stage two, Park at Waterfront, opened in mid-2011.As its name suggests, this stage is set back from the river and surrounded by hectares of parkland. In all, 3.1 hectares has been developed as public open space and ownership transferred to Brisbane City Council.A further 1.8 hectares are publicly accessible but privately owned.

The Park building is set on a podium that forms the residents’ car park. It is best described as a three-core design with two eight-storey cores surmounted by a sixteen-storey tower providing variation and articulation to the building massing.

The 102 apartments are a relatively affordable mix of one-, two- and three-bedroom designs. In addition, there are 380 square metres of retail/restaurant tenancies on the ground floor.

Stage 2 of Mirvac’s Waterfront, Newstead project is best described as a three-core design with two eight-storey cores surmounted by a sixteen-storey tower. Vertical brickwork panels increase the building’s thermal mass and give the whole complex a more human quality.

Mirvac Design, a wholly owned design and architecture subsidiary of the Mirvac Group, picked up the Teneriffe woolstores’ materiality and decorated the building’s western facade with vertical brickwork panels separated by rendered horizontal elements.

They chose Terracotta from Austral Bricks’ Symmetry range.The colour choice is an obvious homage to the area’s heritage, however the finish of these bricks is very contemporary and sharp with even colouration.The design intent was for the brickwork to increase the thermal mass and give the whole complex a more human quality, essential for a residential development.

The brickwork rises from the second to eighth levels. Every sixth course is recessed about 20 millimetres, creating a pleasing shadow line and breaking down the walling’s apparent mass.This simple technique is easily achievable thanks to the inherent modularity of brickwork.

Planning and design has begun on the stage three of this massive project which is expected to take a total of 10 to 15 years, with further stages being rolled out as dictated by market demand.

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