Oracles Platinum Homes


Location: New Beith, QLD.

Builder: Oracle Platinum Homes

Photography: Black Bee Studio

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Oracle Platinum Homes’ recently opened display home features the developer’s newest Acreage design, the Lincoln 39. Situated in New Beith, a suburb almost an hour’s drive from Brisbane, the four-bedroom abode takes style inspiration from The Hamptons and combines it with a laidback aesthetic well suited to the rural surrounds. As Cameron Taylor, Oracle Platinum Homes’ National Marketing Manager explains, “It’s a modern twist on classic acreage living that blends grand open spaces with the comfort of modern-day practicalities, all realised via a well-considered, visually appealing design.”

The interiors are characterised by generous living areas and while the kitchen incorporates a walk-in scullery, the scheme also features a library and a master suite that takes up one whole wing, as well as an outdoor dining area. From the developer’s perspective, it was imperative the home showcase finishes and products that are not only high-end, but also improve functionality. Another major consideration was efficiency, especially in regards to the home’s overall measured energy performance. So the decision to use Brickworks’ Bristile Solar System was a logical one, given the roofing and energy management product offers a proven smart energy saving solution for both small and large households.

“We’re always looking for innovative ways through which we can offer our clients cutting-edge design,” Taylor notes. “And as resources become increasingly scarce, technologies such as Bristile are becoming more appealing to homeowners looking to make considerable savings by harnessing natural energy.” The system comprises four components – solar cells, the inverter, battery power storage and smart monitoring and communication – and it’s the mini high efficiency solar PV panels made from premium monocrystalline cells and low-iron hail-resistant tempered glass that are installed on the roof. They resemble standard roof tiles, but have the added functionality of converting solar energy into electricity (and saving it via the battery), reducing or even eliminating future power bills.

In total, 116 tiles are used in the Lincoln 39 and their installation also highlights the product’s aesthetic benefits. Unlike traditional solar panels that have a gap between the roof and the panel, Bristile’s panels are perfectly integrated into the roof. So not only does the end result appear flush, it also prevents debris from building up around the panels. Most homeowners will be pleased to know that there’s no need to cut, grind or drill through the roof during installation either, which means it’s left intact.

The Lincoln 39’s construction period comprises 18 weeks and the Bristile Solar System is installed during this time. In aiming to redefine classic acreage living, Oracle Platinum Homes has also made their newest design as smart as possible. “The most innovative aspect of this project is that it really does tick all of the boxes for our clients. We’ve sold a number of them to date and the new homeowners couldn’t be happier,” says Taylor. By bringing the latest in clean energy and solar and battery technology together with contemporary aesthetics, the developer has succeeded in addressing market demand for residential designs that are as stylish as they are environmentally sustainable.

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Bristile Roofing La Escandella Planum in Slate

Planum creates a look of simplicity and elegance with modern colour options developed to complement the sleek, refined shape of the Planum profile. Due to its innovative design and size, the Planum tile is easier and faster to install, lowering installation time and the costs involved. Furthermore the highly weatherproof design means it can be applied to a roof with a pitch as low as 15 degrees.


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