Oatley House, NSW

Quick Facts

Location: Oatley NSW

Structural Engineer: Central Engineers

Architect, owner-builder: Mirjana Males (Mirjana Males Design)

Bricklayer: Kranjec & Son

Photographer: Jackie Dean

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Graduate architect and mother of three, Mirjana Males, replaced a run-down ‘fibro’ in a leafy Sydney suburb with this light-filled, energy-efficient, four-bedroom family home.

What building material does an experienced architect select for her own home? “We chose face brickwork for its low maintenance and the beauty of the Bowral® bricks.”

Although many houses in the area are rendered, “We didn’t want issues with ongoing maintenance. Rendered houses start to look run-down after a number of years unless you maintain them.”

The house uses passive design principles. Cavity brickwork adds thermal mass and helps stabilise temperatures. “We use very little air-conditioning in summer,” Mirjana says.

The substantial balcony parapets in Bowral Blue bricks hover over the building, the darker brickwork anchored by the lighter Bowral Simmental Silver bricks on the lower level.

With her third child now at school, Mirjana Males is looking to re-enter architectural practice. As this fine home demonstrates, she hasn’t lost her touch.

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The crisp edges and deep, earthy colours of Bowral dry-pressed bricks blend style and function to present a clean, modern aesthetic. These premium quality bricks are available across Australia in standard 76 mm thickness and in a slim 50 mm format.

Colours: Bowral Blue

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