Malvern East House


Structural Engineer: Mark Stellar & Associates

Bricklayer: M&M Bricklaying

Paving Construction: Komplete Bricks & Pavers

Architect: Peter Jackson Design in association with Canonbury Fine Homes

Developer / Builder: Canonbury Fine Homes

Photographer: Digital Photography Inhouse, Michael Laurie

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This handsome four-bedroom home sits quietly in a predominately Edwardian neighbourhood. The developer/builder, Christian Tomlinson, chose Daniel Robertson Red Blend bricks in the Roman (50mm high) format to add a distinctive elegance to the street elevation. “I was familiar with the product and I knew that the (Roman) bricks would add interest to the front, giving it a luxurious and distinguished appearance.” The lack of facade articulation allowed the brickwork to be continued onto the upper level, rather than using lightweight construction. Rendered panels – underlaid by Austral Bricks Purpose Made Commons clay bricks – afford a contrast to the rich colour variation of the face brickwork.

The designers carefully coordinated the external colours from the render to the trims and rainwater goods and the mortar, which used a bright white sand. The mortar joints are flush finished.

Austral Bricks Natural Stone paving slabs in Sawn Basalt decorate the front path and steps leading to the verandah. They also feature in the outdoor room and paths flanking the house rear. Christian worked closely with the paving team to ensure the paving details, such as the white grout which matches the mortar in the brickwork, reflected the overall quality of the home.

The interior is finished to the same high standard with quality materials such as broad oak flooring and marble benchtops. “It’s a wonderful house,” Christian reflects. “It has been built to a very high standard, and the quality of materials has in no small part contributed to that.”

Christian praised the work of his bricklayer, Michael Roberts of M&M Bricklaying. “He did a fantastic job, couldn’t fault it. He really did his best to produce a good house and knew the importance of working with a quality material and making sure that he did it justice.”

Featured Products:

Daniel Robertson Red Blend clay bricks

These highly-textured bricks have been developed and refined through generations of brickmaking, their rustic charm drawing on a classic Australian palette of vibrant reds, bright apricots and buffs.

Colour: Red Blend


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