George & Allen


Location:  Corner George & Allen Streets, Waterloo NSW

Developer: Waterloo Studios Partnership

Architect: Turner

Builder: Built

Bricklayer: BJZ Enterprises

Photographer: Brett Boardman

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On an intersection of the same name in inner-Sydney Waterloo, George and Allen is a substantial mixed use development aimed squarely at design-conscious buyers looking for city access and attracted by stylish adjacent suburbs such as Surry Hills.

It comprises four buildings, each six levels, interleaved with lush courtyards. The buildings are clad with Bowral Bricks Bowral Blue dry-pressed bricks laid in a dark colour mortar.

“We are drawn to dry-pressed bricks due to their flexibility in detailing, the colour variations and silvery sheen you get in the facade as a whole from the Bowral Blues,” says the architectural project leader Stephen Cox.

The eastern facade, followingthe long George Street frontage, is studded with alternate bricks in every fourth course projecting 20 millimetres from the wall face. This simple patterning allows an everchanging shadowplay on the wall. The use of brickwork continues internally with painted feature brickwork in all apartments.

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