Don Bosco Creative Arts Centre


Location: Glenorchy TAS

Owner: Guilford Young College

Bricklayer: Channel Bricklaying

Builder: Vos Construction & Joinery

Architect: Luttrell Pyefinch Architects

Structural Engineer: Gandy and Roberts Consulting Engineers

Photographer: David Pyefinch / Madfinch

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The dramatic brick wall that is the public face of the Don Bosco Creative Arts Centre in a Hobart college displays multiple levels of symbolism.

Its curvaceous shape follows the path of a water race that was on the historic site, the blue-on-blue colours referencing the water, while the darker blue highlight bricks trace a digital representation of a passage from a Beethoven symphony!

Luttrell Pyefinch Architects chose Austral Bricks Burlesque high-gloss glazed bricks in Royal, a custom colour, as the base, highlighted with Smashing Blue, a standard Burlesque colour.

Jonathan Pyefinch considers glazed bricks “provide like a really lovely finish, they look superb.” In this project, these bricks created a wall “that has a higher quality finish, and will last for a long time without having to do anything with it. I think those qualities of brickwork are really admirable.” The Don Bosco Creative Arts Centre was opened in mid-2015.

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Colour: Smashing Blue, Royal


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