Cantilever House, Vic

Quick Facts

Location: Highton, VIC

Structural Engineer: Gordon Consulting Engineers

Architect/builder/blocklayer: Topic Builders

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The soaring, cantilevered upper level oversails the solid lower level which is primarily clad with Austral Masonry GB Split Face concrete masonry. Although the building features a variety of materials, the Sandstone-coloured concrete masonry predominates to the street, complementing the cedar panelling.

The upper level is finished in composite fibre-cement panels, cedar and corrugated steel. The split face of the GB Split Face Masonry is formed by moulding a double block and literally splitting it in half.

The resulting face texture is unique to each unit, mimicking the rough-hewn appearance of natural stone. “Split face blocks are a great way to add texture to building facade,” says Buck Grgic, Topic Builders inhouse architect. “They are also maintenance free and cost effective.”

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GB Split Face masonry captures the rugged, hand-hewn appearance of natural stone to add texture and distinction to any facade. The GB Masonry Collection of products are also available in split face, smooth and honed finishes.

Colour: Limestone

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