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The terracotta tiles that added Mediterranean flavour to a new B&B

For their Italianate villa-style B&B on the outskirts of Sydney, this couple opted for the versatile La Escandella terracotta tiles.

When Jenny and Peter Guest wanted to create a suitably Tuscan feel for their new Italian-style villa and guesthouse in Sydney, they chose long-lasting terracotta tiles from Bristile’s La Escandella range.

Apart from their aesthetic appeal, these handsome Spanish-made tiles are durable, environmentally friendly and come in a wide range of colours, finishes and profiles.
Kathy Taylor, Roofing Solutions Manager at Bristile, says that La Escandella CURVADO tiles are especially appealing to anyone who wants an authentic European look – while tapping into the latest innovations in tile design and manufacture.

“Jenny and Peter had travelled extensively in France and Italy and wanted to create something similar on their own property,” she says. “The tile they chose, the Curvado, is specially aged and features three colours blended together. It looks absolutely beautiful.”

The luxury Guestlands villa, due to open in late 2020, is part of a magnificent rural property, featuring extensive ornamental gardens, woodlands and water features, located in Arcadia, on Sydney’s north-western fringe.
As the couple explain, the villa has been designed to resemble a small Italian village and features several buildings linked by a series of cobblestone streets. “The house and village design also features many changing roof lines and angles reminiscent of the streets of Bellagio on Lake Como, one of our favourite places,” they say.

“Of particular importance was to get the authentic look of age and capture the sunburnt colours and patina of the roofs of old buildings in Italy. The Curvado tile has 40/40/20 mix from the colour range which gave the project instant character and appeal.”

The Guests bought the Arcadia property more than 20 years ago, transforming the former commercial rose nursery into the manicured landscape it is today. The new Italian-style villa, which sleeps up to eight guests, completes the project.
According to Taylor, La Escandella terracotta roof tiles are particularly popular because of their timeless look, strength, durability and ability to be re-used or recycled in the future.

To underline Bristile’s faith in these terracotta tiles, four styles (Planum, Innova, Vienna and Visum) come with a 100-year manufacturer’s guarantee – other styles enjoy an impressive 50-year warranty.

“I know a lot of architects laugh at the idea of a 100-year warranty,” says Taylor. “But it just underlines how confident we are that these tiles will not delaminate or fade.
Apart from their durability, these traditional Spanish tiles offer a number of other advantages, such as excellent sound insulation, resistance to fire and cooling qualities.

Taylor believes La Escandella’s wide colour palette, which includes monotone, two-tone, natural clay and glazed colours, is another point of difference. “The Spanish producers are very innovative. They can make any colour we like,” she says. “At the moment we have burgundy, white, black, two shades of green and two shades of blue, as well as the natural terracotta colours in various shades.”

La Escandella tiles have also been specified for the refurbished Bondi Pavilion in Sydney, which will feature a combination of nine different tile colours to re-create the building’s original pre-war vibrancy.


Bristile Roofing La Escandella Curvado in Hispania, Aitana and Lucentum

Manufactured from the highest quality clays, this range features tiles with distinctive colours and finishes unique to La Escandella Terracottaa. The Curvado incorporates a modern interlocking design, while still repli- cating the traditional pan and cover tile that has been so dominant on European and Mediterranean buildings over the centuries. The large profile of the Curvado tile ensures a look of absolute permanence and grandeur.

Learn more about La Escandella terracotta tiles here.

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