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Brickworks Spring/Summer Collection
With over a 100 new products and countless colours to choose from, our 2020 Spring/Summer collection is like no other. In collaboration with you and experts from across the globe we’ve created a new collection of products designed to inspire, excite and endure. We hope our new creations can find a home in your next project.
Sculptured Sands
Our new Sculptured Sands range is inspired, and largely formed, by nature. Created to offer visual appeal with a range of multi-hued soft colours and signature velvet-sand surfaces, these extraordinary bricks are as tactile as they are beautiful.
BrandAustral Bricks
Bowral Blends
A contemporary refresh of a well-loved classic, our Bowral Blends collection has stood the test of time – quite literally. From generations of local brickmaking expertise, Bowral Blends are specifically created to add confidence and a touch of refined luxury to any building project.
BrandBowral Bricks
Mineral Contours
Minimalistic, sleek and modern, these bricks are the result of outstanding craftsmanship and leading-edge innovation. With subtle matte colours and gently speckled surfaces, these bricks bring an incredibly elegant finish to interior and exterior projects.
BrandAustral Bricks
Earthy, romantic, and strikingly beautiful. Like the magnificent wide-ranging beauty of Tasmania that inspired this collection, each brick has been created so each double-face is inherently unique in colour and form, but with an extraordinarily natural ‘reclaimed’ feel.
BrandDaniel Robertson
Stratos Series
Inspired by Australia’s magnificent coast, this vibrant collection is a masterclass in finesse and elegance. Robust and dramatic, with their variegated marbling, natural greys and lush marbled finishes, the Stratos Series creates a dramatic visual punch.
*Victorian Exclusive
BrandAustral Bricks
Domain Range
Confident, subtle and robust, this classic favourite is inspired by gentle sunlight through trees. This inviting collection works in harmony with just about any surrounds from urban to rural environments, while enveloping homes in a timeless and strong natural material.
*Victorian Exclusive
BrandAustral Bricks
Inspired by the character and rustic charm of Melbourne’s famous back streets and laneways, each brick in our Laneway collection has an authentic look and genuine presence. Made using traditional presses to give an age-old grounding to even the most contemporary of applications.
Fringe Range
Innovation meets inspiration in our Fringe Range. Exuberant, individual and perhaps even a bit quirky, this range will ignite interest and inspire originality in just about any design where an edgier – but no less sophisticated – look is required.
*South Australian Exclusive
BrandAustral Bricks
Forest Range
South Australia has a rich history of brickmaking, and the Forest Range brings that history up to date for projects seeking an authentic provenance. Made from locally sourced clays, each brick has been carefully designed to exude a grounded realness, but with a contemporary edge.
BrandAustral Bricks
These sumptuous bricks originate from Belgium, where they have been carefully crafted by a family of fourth-generation brickmakers of international renown. Made with an exquisite rustic texture, Nelissen bricks are sculptured pieces in themselves.
BrandAustral Bricks
La Paloma Series
Vibrant, bold and artisan – from where else but Spain? Available in three different forms – Tash, Comb and Curved – each brick is standard sized but has been refined and tested using innovative techniques and strong architectural design cues.
BrandAustral Bricks
Panorama 50
Slim and tall, Panorama 50 allows cleaner, longer lines than traditional brick sizes. Modern, bold and versatile, they are loved by designers, architects and builders. From horizontal clean lines to herringbone, the Panorama 50 Collection is as versatile as your imagination.
BrandAustral Bricks
Crafted for outdoor spaces, the Accolade range comes with an innate sense of architectural gravitas while scoring high in the style stakes. A small format paver that’s big on designer looks and uncompromising in its ability to meet and exceed manufacturing standards.
The perfect harmony of beauty and form, Keope porcelain stoneware is made in Italy, and desired the world over. The refined colours and natural details of each collection enhance both indoor and outdoor spaces with an authentic natural character.
Kite Breeze
GB Masonry and designer Adam Goodrum have created a unique, bold and forward-thinking design that’s as original as it is functional. Adaptable and flexible, Kite offers unlimited scope – and is equally at home in domestic settings, or large scale public projects.
BrandGB Masonry
GB Latitude
A true chameleon of style, the subtle perpendicular mortar joints of GB Latitude create a feeling of continuity and clean sight lines, while its angled face casts shadows that provide a sense of depth and intrigue.
BrandGB Masonry
Magnumstone Ledgeface
A superior alternative for retaining walls that are brimming with character and bold, rustic texture. Magnumstone was born out of market demand for a superior looking, fully engineered system that would both visually and structurally stand the test of time.
BrandAustral Masonry
Concrete Roof Tiles
Light Collection
Our elegantly light range of appealing natural tones work well in beach, rural or urban settings. These tiles bring a ‘floating’ or light appearance to your project with their appealing, calming hues.
BrandBristile Roofing
Mid Tone Collection
These quietly natural colours are designed to seamlessly blend in harmony with your environment, with hues and tones that are pleasing on the eye, but gentle in their presence.
BrandBristile Roofing
Dark Collection
With a comforting presence and strikingly bold visual appeal, our Dark Collection offers a rich, but naturally harmonious colour range. From deep grey to red earth, these heavier tones provide weight and substance.
BrandBristile Roofing
Matte Colour Through Collection
These tiles are designed to offer longer-lasting colour to help maintain the same look and feel to your roof over a long time. Available in a selection of different surface finishes in deeper tones, these beautiful tiles offer excellent colour consistency, which will retain their qualities for decades.
BrandBristile Roofing
Duo Collection
As the name implies, these gently undulating tiles feature either a straight two-colour blend, or a gentle gradation in tone of the same colour. These tiles can work beautifully where a variable contrast or colour is required.
BrandBristile Roofing
Panel Brick
A revolutionary product, Panel Brick combines the simplicity and ease of precast concrete with the timeless beauty and style of brick. Elevating brick to new heights, Panel Brick allows brick to go where it has never gone before.
BrandAustral Precast
Italy’s passion for sheer elegance and refined design is evident in San Selmo’s SK1N. Terracotta facades are timeless in their beauty, but SK1N takes this to another level entirely, forming a breathtakingly striking envelope on a horizontal or vertical surface, for just about any form imaginable.
BrandSan Selmo
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