Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is about the way a corporation is directed, administered or controlled on behalf of its stakeholders. These include our shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers, regulatory authorities and the community at large.

The Board of Brickworks Limited is committed to developing and maintaining good corporate governance within the Company, and recognises this can only be achieved through its people and their actions. Brickworks’ long term future is best served by ensuring that its employees have the highest levels of honesty and integrity and that employees are retained and encouraged to develop their capabilities through fair remuneration, appropriate long term incentives and equity participation in the Company. It is also critical to the success of the Company that an appropriate culture is nurtured and developed, starting with the Board itself.

Brickworks Limited has policies and procedures in place that help to ensure the highest standards of corporate governance. We abide by all laws of Australia and the requirements of regulatory authorities in each State.


Appendix 4G & Corporate Governance Statement 2018