Glass Act – True brilliance


April 2018

With the new Poesia collection, Brickworks continues to push the boundaries in creating innovative building materials for both residential and commercial spaces.

The official opening night of the new Brickworks studio was also the occasion for a true first for the Australian market – the launch of our new range of visually stunning glass bricks made by artisans of the Italian glassmaking firm Poesa in Resana, Italy.

A play on the word ‘poetry’, with all its subtle beauty, Poesia glass draws inspiration from Venetian crystal glass and is Australia’s first Venetian glass brick. The magnificent and unique work of these Italian artisans forms the centrepiece of these brilliant, transparent and translucent coloured designer glass bricks which are exclusive to Austral Bricks in all six states.

The range comprises three finishes – natural, polished and frosted – and comes in five colours, including clear, sapphire (dark blue), Aqua Marine (light blue), Smokey Quartz (tan) and Golden Amber (amber). The colours in the Poesia brick collection perfectly meld the vibrant hues of the Australian landscape with a versatile and contemporary palette that will suit a diverse range of projects, whether indoors or out.

All glass bricks are standard Australian brick size (230mm x 110mm x 76mm). Solid glass construction means the bricks can be used internally or externally. Already, the architecture community has been immensely positive with strong demand for product samples for future projects.

Mark Ellenor, Group General Manager Austral Bricks:

“The Poesia brick encapsulates one of Italy’s finest design traditions. The collection represents the creative spirit and technical mastery of Italian craftsmen in a faultless glass brick. We believe that it will allow Australian designers to bring their most innovative, light-filled designs to life.”

Images -Poesia Glass Bricks

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