The Architecture of Emergency - Architects Declare

The Architecture of Emergency - Architects Declare

PANELLISTS INCLUDE: Professor Peter Newman, CUSP; Emeritus Professor Janette Hartz-Karp, CUSP; Kieran Wong, The Fulcrum Agency, founding signatory of Architects Declare Australia; Kukame McPierzie, Woods Bagot, founding signatory of Architects Declare Australia.

Facilitated by Rachael Bernstone, Sounds Like Design.


Forum: Architecture’s response to the climate and ecological emergency.

660 Australian Architecture Practices have signed Architects Declare, joining a growing number of governments, professional bodies and businesses around the world in declaring a Climate Emergency.

In doing so, we recognise that the conventions of contemporary architecture and construction are fundamentally at odds with planetary limits. Our work relies on resource extraction and contributes to carbon emissions both during construction and operational phases, accounting for over 40% of total global carbon emissions.

The world’s leading climate scientists have warned that we must take radical action over the next 10 years to avoid disastrous effects. The consequences of warming beyond 1.5 degrees are alarming. At present, Australian and global building codes and sustainability rating tools are inadequate to address these challenges. Few clients – and architects – understand the magnitude of the emergency.

How bad can it be?

What is the architect’s role in reshaping design culture – and community expectations and demands – in the face of environmental planetary limits?

What targets do we need to establish to ensure a safe, liveable and resilient built environment in a changing climate?

How can we collectively develop the tools and knowledge we need to reform the design and construction of buildings, and educate clients and users?

How might we galvanise the public imagination, popular support and political leadership, to build the net-zero carbon buildings of the future, and upgrade existing stock to these new standards?

Architects Declare WA are hosting a public forum to tackle these thorny questions in a facilitated discussion, as we seek to understand and define how we might reposition architecture, and turn threats into opportunities to create a better world.

We invite and encourage all architects, graduates and students of architecture – wether you have signed Architects Declare or are yet-to sign – to join us and contribute your knowledge, experience and voice to this important movement.


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Brickworks Perth Design Studio, 67 King Street, Perth WA 6000

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