Welcome to our journey towards becoming Australia’s most sustainable building products company.

Our success is partly attributed to the company’s ability to adapt to changing community needs. Some needs are more important in today’s climate-challenged and resource-driven world, than the need to conserve our precious resources.

At Brickworks we have taken up the sustainability challenge and are actively pursuing reform of our products and processes, from the quarry-delivery-building site process to the factory floor-sales office.

We are committed to encouraging concern and respect for the environment and emphasising every employee’s responsibility for environmental performance.
At Brickworks we have developed a greenhouse gas and energy reduction strategy to ensure we are constantly striving to reduce our impact on the environment.

The ultimate aim of our programs is to do more with less: higher output, higher quality, less raw materials, reduced energy consumption, and lower emissions.

Our performance
and progress

Below is the link to our 2019 Sustainability Report which provides information on Brickworks Building Products sustainability initiatives.

“Look around and you’ll see how we’re contributing to a beautiful and enduring future for our built environment.”

Message from Lindsay Partridge, AM
Managing Director

Sustainability Stories

These are the topical related sustainability stories that our Brickworks team feel make an impact on our communities and environments.

Environmental Compliance

As a major building products manufacturer with plants and sites operating in numerous states, Brickworks Building Products takes its environmental management responsibilities seriously. Our manufacturing throughout Australia takes place under strict environmental guidelines and emissions from our plants are monitored in accordance with government guidelines.

Environment Compliance