Bristile shines a light on sustainable solar


October 2018

Bristile’s involvement in the prestigious ‘Aquarevo’ Development in Victoria was initiated when Brickworks arranged a meeting with Aquarevo’s Development Manager and the developer, Villawood Properties.

Knowing that the project was being promoted as an estate for more sustainable living, Brickworks realised from the outset that it could provide a collaborative solution for solar and battery storage that would benefit the homeowners. The outcome was that Villawood chose Bristile as their preferred supplier of solar batteries, although it didn’t end there. The two organisation have worked together to develop a ‘Total Roof Solution’, which includes the roof, fascia/gutter and the solar panel/tiles – an integrated approach. Construction work on the estate commenced in April 2018.

Of the 460 homes in the project, 270 will be fitted with the German-manufactured sonnen residential batteries, which will be supplied by Bristile. The batteries are able to reduce household power bills by 60 per cent, and also provide power to a nearby water treatment plant that is expected to cut water consumption by 70 per cent. Bristile is offering a special battery promotion through the builders to residents who have already purchased their lots in Aquarevo, but who have not yet purchased the sonnen batteries. Federal and state governments have been active in encouraging the inclusion of battery storage in new-build homes, with both the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) and the Victorian government recently partnering with land developers to encourage the practice.

Incentives are available for the installation of solar power capture in the form of panels and solar tiles which vary by state. What‘s different about Aquarevo is that homes will be built with pre installed solar and the power generated can be shared with others in the community.

The project is being developed by Villawood Properties and state-owned utility South East Water, and will offer buyers of the Aquarevo homes the option of 5kW of rooftop solar, plus battery storage provided by sonnen.

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Bristile Solar Integrated Rooftiles
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