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Reopening of Cardup Brick Plant

Brick manufacturing has played a significant role in contributing to the township of Byford since the 1890’s. Austral Bricks® WA is proud to be a part of the local community and will continue to support the region through investment and employment opportunities.

Brickmaking will recommence at the site in late 2020 under existing planning and environmental approvals. The brick plant has been in care and maintenance since September 2019, however Austral Bricks® WA has maintained its presence in the area during that time by means of clay extraction and despatch of bricks.

Austral Bricks® WA is committed to managing its operations in a manner so it does not affect the community and environment. We are pleased to be able to bring back employment opportunities to the area and improve the local economy.

In addition to our recent investments in 2015, Austral Bricks® WA has applied for planning approval for an upgrade of the factory which sets out to modernize the kiln, dryers and crushing equipment with the latest brickmaking technology available. The proposed upgrade will include many environmental benefits including the replacement of the existing kiln with a highly efficient natural gas fired kiln and baghouse scrubber.

If you have any questions or would like further information on the proposed upgrade, please don’t hesitate to email

Cardup: Investing in Energy Efficiency 2030

Since its inception, Brickworks has invested in the latest kiln, equipment and manufacturing technologies to improve productivity, product quality and energy efficiency. FY18 marked the start of a strategic 10-year reinvestment vision to drive energy efficiency across Australia. By 2030, major plant upgrades aim to improve total gas efficiency across Austral Bricks Australia by 10%, based on 2018 levels.  The proposed upgrade to the Cardup factory is a key part of this target.

Cardup: Sustainable Products

During FY21, Brickworks has an additional focus of providing an expanded range of carbon neutral, locally-made products to projects which demonstrate sustainability attributes. A focus will be to work on project-specific requirements with selected architects and commercial builders, to deliver low carbon buildings. All bricks made in Australia will be part of this offer, to create low-maintenance, energy-efficient and enduring buildings with greatly reduced embodied energy, while providing a platform to meet Brickworks 2025 target to double the volume of products sold in Australia that hold leading sustainable qualities.

Brickworks Sustainability Strategy

Find out more about Brickworks Sustainability Strategy at:

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