Springfield Anglican College Resource Centre
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Project: Springfield Anglican College

Fulton Trotter Architects have designed a new resource centre for the Springfield Anglican College that includes benefits beyond the books and a design that is flexible for all forms of social learning.
Springfield Anglican College Resource Centre
Fulton Trotter Architects
Scott Burrows

As times change, libraries have become a thing of the past as learning needs continue to evolve and the demand for social collaboration becomes greater than ever. The Springfield Anglican College features a resource centre that provides a stimulating, comfortable and relaxing space that rivals any traditional library. 

Collaborative and beautifully designed, the resource centre is distinct from the existing college buildings, by integrating the native bushland environment into the design which was previously ignored. Using Bowral bricks, the brickwork is used to give the building a permanent monumental appearance, to which is evident upon arrival. 

Respecting the existing material palette, Fulton Trotter Bowral Bricks for its pressed brick finish and natural colour palette as well as its extrusions, all while complimenting their native vegetation of the tree trunks and green eucalyptus. 

Paul Sekava, Project leader for the Rosewood resource centre at Fulton Trotter architects, says that that the intention behind the resource centre was to create a wide range of flexible spaces that supported both informal and formal social learning experiences, all while capturing the essence of the existing college green with expansive eastern views into the surrounding bushland canopy.

Springfield Anglican College Resource Centre

“Brickworks is part of the established material palette and selected for its durability, warmth, scale and low maintenance. The brickwork screen to the west creates a new edge to the school green and provides a monumental presence,” says Sevaka. 

The new resource centre is designated into seperate area’s allowing students to collaborate with classmates, learn in a variety of contexts, go online and conduct research or seek help from staff with digital devices. This modern resource centre is not a library, but a centre designed to assist students beyond learning. 

Designed with practicality in mind, Fulton Trotter used Bowral bricks to create a gently curving brickwork wall which formalises the first stage in a new pedestrian spine. This curved design technique creates a journey between the indoor and outdoor learning spaces, offering privacy to study area’s without losing light or ventilation. 

Springfield Anglican College Resource Centre

Combining screens with brickwork, the design offers space that is protected from harsh weather from scorching heat to tropical thunderstorms. The screens compromised of with Bowral bricks create the perfect façade that allow sunlight to filter through regardless of time of day. 

Drawing inspiration from the natural vegetation and bushland surroundings of the college, Fulton Trotter used Bowral bricks to create a hit and miss brickwork pattern that creates a connection to the surrounding bushland. 

Inspired by the changing seasons and natural landscape of eastern Australia, Fulton Trotter continue to create learning spaces that are responsive to student learning behaviours. 

Contrasting Bowral Bricks in Chillingham white, complimented by the earthy tones from tonal eucalyptus trees to crimson oranges of natural rock, this project by Fulton Trotter brings the natural Australian landscape to life through design and innovative architectural ideas. 

With a distinction between comfortable learning, collaborative and social opportunities, the resource centre for learning is a welcomed addition to the Springfield Anglican college campus. Meeting the demands of senior learning expectations and providing students with access to a top of the range facility, Fulton Trotter Architects created a perfect cohesion between learning and social balance. 

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