Kurrajong Centre for Senior Learning
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Project: Kurrajong Centre for Senior Learning

Fulton Trotter Architects in collaboration with the Queensland state government, have used Bowral Bricks to create an educational facility that reimagines indoor/ outdoor learning. The Kurrajong centre for Senior Learning sits within the Secondary Campus of The Springfield Anglican College, situated 30km southwest of Brisbane.
Kurrajong Centre for Senior Learning
Fulton Trotter Architects
Scott Burrows

The Kurrajong centre at Springfield Anglican College is a co-educational school for both primary and secondary students located in Springfield, Queensland. During school terms, the education facility is home to almost 1000 students with the school expanding rapidly over the last two years. 

The college requested a distinction between the primary and senior campus for both collaborative and social opportunities. The centre for learning was driven by the design principles of wellness and student-centred education, which Fulton Trotter translated into diverse and flexible spaces that facilitate memorable experiences, and support both informal and formal learning and play. 

Inviting and practical, the Kurrajong centre for learning incorporates both clever design and an array of learning and meeting spaces suitable for teamwork and socialising of senior students. 

Paul Sevaka, Project Leader for the Kurrajong centre for learning at Fulton Trotter, says that the brief was to create a learning environment specifically for years 11 and 12 that would assist students with the transition from secondary school to university. 

“Satisfying the functional requirements of the curriculum, the building design places a strong emphasis on sheltered, external spaces to afford the opportunity for indoor/outdoor teaching and learning, social gatherings and community events.” says Sevaka. 

The new building incorporates varying scales of space allowing for small group work, single class or entire year group activities, creating a rich and varied learning experience. This ability to facilitate such activities encourages interactions between students, teachers and visitors to the site, which both enhances and enriches the greater community. 

Kurrajong Centre for Senior Learning

Using materials from brick to native timbers and a natural colour palette, the project is inspired by the native bushland setting. Using Bowral Bricks Fulton Trotter create walls with sleek inset gaps that allow sunlight and ventilation to travel through to promote healthy learning, all while creating both shade and respite for students and staff during the warmer months. 

Spanning across the senior campus nestled amongst the native trees of Queensland’s earthy and tropical landscape, the centre design provides opportunities to facilitate independent learning outside the formal timetabled day while encouraging gradual change in student behaviour. 

The centre includes three study rooms which are fitted with inset glass panels into the brickwork, welcoming natural light into the space to boost productivity and morale. Fitted with an internal kitchen area and a large outdoor learning area with undercover walkways, Fulton Trotter’s design approach brings to realisation the importance of lighting, ventilation and effective learning. 

Fitted to the existing and natural forms of the college land size, this beautifully designed school fits into the surrounding natural landscape set back and elevated from the junior campus.

Using Bowral Bricks in Simmental silver, the material brings a shimmering contrast to the beach toned woods and surrounding greenery.  

Bowral Bricks in Simmental silver
Bowral Bricks
Bowral 76 Simmental Silver
  • With their unique granular patina and tactile aesthetic, Bowral bricks are highly prized by customers, architects and designers alike, and set the standard for design and integrity.
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