True Brilliance

Poesia – Australia’s first Venetian glass brick from Austral Bricks drawing on the fine quality, craft traditions and refined beauty of Italian glassmaking.

Austral Bricks’ latest collection, Poesia, is something truly special – a crystal-clear glass brick.

Made in Italy, the Poesia brick collection transforms Italy’s famous Murano glass-making techniques into a high-quality glass brick. The collection’s solid glass construction allows architects and designers to use the Poesia bricks to create dynamic light-filled interiors, dazzling gallery spaces and transparent volumes the flow and interconnect.

The Poesia collection represents a true first for the Australian market – a clear glass brick available in a standard format (230 mm x 110 mm x 76 mm). The collection offers three elegant finishes – natural, polished and frosted – suitable for contemporary architectural designs. Solid glass construction means the bricks can be used internally or externally, while still providing consistent thermal shock resistance. “The Poesia brick encapsulates one of Italy’s finest design traditions,” says Brickworks’ General Manager of Marketing, Brett Ward. “With the Poesia collection, we’ve captured that creative spirit and finely honed technique to produce a faultless glass brick that will allow Australian designers to bring their most innovative, light-filled designs to life.” At the heart of the Poesia collection is a focus on inventive design. The range comprises five refined colourways perfect for any design project – from the pristine white of Arctic Crystal, to the soothing blues of Aqua Marine and Blue Sapphire, to the warm Golden Amber and moody Smokey Quartz.

“The colours in the Poesia brick collection perfectly meld the vibrant hues of the Australian landscape with a versatile and contemporary palette that will suit a diverse range of projects, whether indoors or out,” says Mr Ward.

To develop the Poesia brick collection, engineers perfected the design over a number of years, to ensure it offered the crispness and purity of glass with the durability of brick construction.

With the new Poesia collection, Brickworks continues to push the boundaries in creating innovative building materials for both residential and commercial spaces.

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