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Sioux City Brick Acquisition

As Australia’s leading and most diverse building material manufacturer, Brickworks Building Products is thrilled to announce the addition of another internationally esteemed brand to further expand its already extensive portfolio of prestigious subsidiaries.

Located in the US Midwest state of Iowa, Sioux City Brick has a long and proud history of superior brickmaking dating back to 1913 and has established a reputable leading market position within the United States building industry.

Sioux City Brick offers an expansive range of exceptional products, including both residential and architectural bricks that can be specially manufactured and customised to suit an array of assorted building applications.

It’s three modern production lines deliver over 90 million bricks to customers, distributed through direct sales to builders and resellers and via the companies five owned retail outlets.

The AU$47 million acquisition is a welcomed addition to the Brickworks Group, says Brickworks Managing Director, Lindsay Partridge.

“We are pleased to add Sioux City and it’s 200 staff to our ever-evolving Brickworks portfolio… and we look forward to building on the strong position it has established in the Midwest region of the United States,” he adds.

With broad end-market exposure and a strong reputation for architectural products, servicing both non-residential and multi-residential segments, Sioux City innovative products offer Brickworks an attractive product growth opportunity.

Most excitingly, Sioux City also holds the exclusive distribution rights in the United States to the clay masonry facing “Feldhaus” thin brick system, an innovative and stylish alternative to traditional masonry and other building exteriors.

Mr. Lindsay Partridge says, “Sioux City’s incredible manufacturing facilities are among the best we have seen in the United States, reflecting the company’s focus on production efficiency and their reputation for product quality.”

“Through a prudent and targeted investment approach, and application of our operational expertise, we are confident that attractive returns will be achieved on our ongoing investment in this region,” he adds.

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