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Brickworks Home of The Year Winner 2021 Announced

Championing the Australian design and building industries that create the best homes across the nation, the Inside Out X Brickworks Home of the Year awards highlight amazing projects that embody the idea of the ‘home’.
Terracotta House
Austin Maynard
Derek Swalwell
Ballarat House
Kennedy Nolan
Derek Swalwell
FMD Architects
Dianna Snape
K House
Renato D’Ettorre
Dianna Snape
Featured Product
Bowral Bricks Dry Press Common Bricks
Colonnade House
Splinter Society
Sharyn Cairns

There are six categories to consider, with the overall winner being awarded a $10,000 prize, and a feature in the August 2021 issue of the well-read Inside Out Magazine. Eliza O’Hare, Editor of Inside Out said of the awards, “The Home of the Year Awards are very special to us. Although we dive into the structural tenets of design principles, light and materials - really we're looking for residential projects that impact on the humans who live in them - we want buildings that make people happy.”

The first category is for the Best Sustainable Project. With sustainability and ethical construction holding a significant place in our residential sphere, acknowledging the best in sustainable design is no easy feat. The winner of this category, Austin Maynard, created a striking home that encapsulates rural, multigenerational living in the heart of Melbourne. Terracotta House is an ode to sustainable materiality and considered design. Maintaining the home’s original structure and facade, Austin Maynard sought to restore the home, rather than demolish it. The home’s additional builds are constructed predominantly out of terracotta tiles and recycled brick, offering longevity, durability and a minimal embodied energy. 

Terracotta House, Architect: Austin Maynard
Project: Terracotta House, Architect: Austin Maynard, Photography:  Derek Swalwell

Recognising the Best Interior, the second category was awarded to Kennedy Nolan for their exquisite Ballarat House. A true marvel of colour theory, this project sees texture and colour explored in a unique and daring way, creating an inimitable design cohesion. A nod to Mid Century Architecture and styling, this home is a timeless reconfiguration of the existing home. Eliza O’Hare has a particular penchant for this project, clamining, “it brings to mind films from the 70s with its cocoon-like rooms and soft textures and palette ... the soft moss-coloured carpets are irresistible.”

Project: Ballarat House by architect Kennedy Nolan
Project: Ballarat House, Architect: Kennedy Nolan, Photography:  Derek Swalwell

An ode to Australia’s rural landscape, FMD Architects have been awarded the category of Best New Build. Their Tasmanian project, Coopworth, is a contemporary reimagining of the quintessentially Australian country farmhouse. Elevated, sleek and modern, the project maximises the stunning vista, assimilating into the surrounding environment, whilst still allowing for maximum comfort. It is in the small details that FMD architects have created a truly meaningful project; in harmony with the surrounding landscape, for insulation the project’s ceiling is lined with Coopworth sheep’s wool from the flock that roam freely around the property, visible from the expansive floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Coopworth, Architect: FMD Architects
Project: Coopworth, Architect: FMD Architects, Photography:  Dianna Snape

Awarded as the winner of the Best Use of Material Brick, Renato D’Ettorre’s K House is the perfect marriage of quasi-brutalist and modern design. Sitting atop a coastal cliff, the home is designed both for function and for beauty. The home’s exterior is created using Bowral Bricks Dry Press Common Bricks painted in white, this materiality continues to the home’s interior, creating a seamless design cohesion, fresh and bright. Through their use of brick, Renato D’Ettorre have imbued the home with a feeling of permanence and a structural integrity, allowing the home to remain unblemished for decades to come. 

Project: K House, Architect: Renato D’Ettorre
Project: K House. Architect: Renato D’Ettorre. Photography: Dianna Snape. Featured Product:  Bowral Bricks Dry Press Common Bricks

Splinter Society’s Colonnade House was accoladed and awarded the category winner for Best Renovation. Breathing new life into an older home, the design team gave a heritage home a contemporary update, connecting the project’s history to its present. Making reference to the traditional heritage features, the home is distinguishable through the large concrete columns that run throughout the interior. 

Project Colonnade House, Architect Splinter Society
Project: Colonnade House, Architect: Splinter Society, Photography:  Sharyn Cairns

Without further ado, the Inside Out X Brickworks Home of the Year winner is Austin Maynard for their Terracotta House. Embodying relaxed, rural living, this home combines inner-city accessibility and a traditional facade, with the benefits of a pastoral lifestyle, multigenerational living and sustainable design. No easy feat, Austin Maynard has created a three-part project, in which all elements, be it old or new, work together in seamless cohesion. Eliza O’Hare said of the coveted winning place, “Terracotta House is a considered project that focuses on the intended use by the family and it upholds some simple but powerful sustainable pillars. And I love the library”.

“A true marvel of colour theory, this project sees texture and colour explored in a unique and daring way.”

Project: K House. Architect: Renato D’Ettorre. Photography: Dianna Snape.

“A true marvel of colour theory, this project sees texture and colour explored in a unique and daring way.”

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