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Introducing Wendy Moore’s colour palettes for Brickworks

Home Beautiful’s editor-in-chief collaborated with Brickworks to create four fresh new moodboards for 2019.

As part of the Style Inspiration Project, Brickworks has recently collaborated with Australian interiors icon Wendy Moore, editor-in-chief of Home Beautiful and a judge on Channel 7’s House Rules.

Moore has created a series of four moodboards reflecting some of the most interesting and current interiors themes that she has seen over the past 12 months.

“One of the things I always look at is how trends evolve,” she says. “In homewares, it’s not as fast moving as fashion and we don’t want it to be because people are investing so much money. You need to have confidence that the style of your home is going to stand the test of time.”

Each of Moore’s four Brickworks moodboards have distinct personalities and flavours, and she hopes they’ll help consumers narrow down their style preferences, especially when buying materials, furniture and fittings.

“The biggest risk when you go shopping is that you fall in love with lots of different things that don’t necessarily work together,” she explains. “Hopefully these moodboards will help with editing down those ideas.”

When it comes to the moodboards themselves, Moore visited the Sydney Brickworks Design Studio and spent a day exploring the Brickworks portfolio, and her thoughts and style ideas are beautifully explored in each one.

“It’s really about drawing together different influences that I can see coming through, and predicting where I think they’re going to work for the Australian lifestyle,” she explains.

The Blue Mood concept features metallic surfaces, deep blues, aged timber and velvets. Moore took inspiration from Italy for this intimate take on luxury and sophistication. “Blue Mood, with its deep, inky blues, is a personal favourite. It was definitely inspired by the rich colours and textures I saw in Milan recently.”

Tailored Elegance takes popular elements of the Hamptons theme with a strong, updated, modern look. “I based this moodboard on where I felt Hamptons style was going. Hamptons in Australia has been such a white look, but people are wanting more colour in their lives, so introducing soft teals and more panelling is a great evolution of that style.”

Updating the current obsession with soft Millennial Pink was the driving force behind Naked Ambition. “Millennial Pink started out as such a transient colour that suited the time, but millennials are growing up. They still want that beauty but they want a sense of maturity as well. So we’re looking at very chalky, very stylised colours, with a little bit of fun but with a more elegant, sophisticated palette.”

Finally, there’s Global Pattern, which Moore describes as a new take on international style. “This style has morphed over the years and it brings up influences and patterns from all different corners of the globe. We’re really good at reinterpreting international trends and giving them a clean Australian finish. And I think that’s where Global Pattern is going.”

Download Wendy Moore’s Style Inspiration Project moodboards here.

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