Colour Consultations

How a Brickworks Colour Consultation can help your clients realise their dreams

If you have clients planning to build a new house, recommend Brickworks' free colour consultations, which will help them choose materials to bring their vision to life.

Whether your clients are picturing gleaming white walls, iconic terracotta roof-tiles or the subtle grey shades of a contemporary townhouse, building or renovating a home is a time when their minds will be overflowing with ideas.After all, this is their opportunity to bring all their design plans together and create something that captures their lifestyle and tastes; in short, a chance for them to build a house that reflects all they’ve been dreaming about.This can sometimes be a challenge for builders. How do you get your clients to refine their ideas and finalise their plans before work can begin? You may already have offered some advice, but chances are they could still be feeling a little lost – and you might be at a loss on how to guide them further.

This is where Brickworks’ Colour Consultation service provides an invaluable opportunity. Offering a unique, complimentary hour-long consultation with a Brickworks design expert, it will help your clients learn about the materials that can be used for their build, showing them how their ideas will play out in reality.Your client can bring their house plans and tenders to the consultation, along with all their bits of inspiration – whether from Pinterest boards or books and magazines – and a Brickworks expert will guide them towards establishing the colour, materials and style they could use to create their new property, gradually building a picture of the complete external colour look.

Brickworks has an extensive selection across a wealth of materials, comprising 21 ranges and more than 130 colours textures, from brick to timber, stone to masonry. With consultations mainly taking place in Brickworks’ design centres and studios, clients are able to touch and feel samples. For clients who can’t make it into a Brickworks design centre, the Colour Consultations are also available online. This virtual offering is also a great option during COVID-19 restrictions.

The consultation offers clients even greater insight into their material decisions through our iVisualise tool, which will provide a rendering of the home that they can update to see what fits with their vision and what doesn’t.Already used by a number of major builders, the meeting will help to co-ordinate everything from the roof, gutter and fascia, to the garage door and front door.Your clients will get a better grip on brick selection and painted finishes, giving them peace of mind over how individual sections of the finished home will look, as well as a holistic overview.

To give them easy access to what’s been discussed, they will receive a digital and printed copy of their selection sheet and samples so they can continue to refine their decisions, as well as being able to pore over the plans with you and others who will be working on the project.And, to complete the service, we can also provide a colour plan ready for submission for council approval – helping clients bring their dreams that important step closer to reality.

Watch the video below to find out more information about our unique service.




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